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I mostly lurk over at 2 peas but thank you for sharing your thoughts on this situation. And I totally agree that the Sunshine and Flowers mentality is only hurting us along with everything else you posted.


I'm not sure I really get what all the fuss ia about. All this is over a photo?


You know what I find especially deplorable - I can't believe that Nisa Finn, a previous winner, did not know the rules. You have an "insider" as your MENTOR and she wasn't smart enough to know that not only are photos not taken by the entrant not eligible (and we aren't talking "hey grandma take my picture for me) but especially "professional quality" photos. But then again, based on this debacle I would say that using the term professional is a huge stretch. Along with CK's deplorable behavior I find the sense of entitlement and above reproach behavior that some pubbed scrapbookers assume to be the most distasteful of all. I mean really - who do they think they are Star Bellied Sneetches???

Linda aka MommaHo

Thanks for stating the obvious that no one else wants to take the chance and do for fear of repercussions! Being behind the scene for two years now has explained quite a few things - the most important one being scrap the memories for your family - not for the masses! Just my humble opinion!


Very well written and I enjoyed reading your take, esp. given your insider's viewpoint.


where have I been? gosh. I missed all of this but I'm sad to say I'm not shocked by it. egads.


Kelly: I'm with you. Very well said. I've been reading some of the MB's and I see two to three problems which bother me almost equally. Ultimately, though, I believe the biggest problem lies with CK and the way they 'handle' their contest. They knowingly accepted an illegal (according to their own guidelines and rules) entry, and they awarded a winner's status and published it! For a long time I've been leary of CK's position in this industry while I've tried to enjoy my hobby. I've learned to take everything I read with a large grain of salt. I've grown very tired of the publish or perish mentality and the importance that is put upon it. I truly understand the need to publish in order to provide inspiration to others (my primary reason for getting magazines) and I'm hoping that this incident triggers a review for us all about what is most important about scrapbooking and why we got into the hobby in the first place.

I also hope that the reactionary, 'hang'em high' or 'let's stone the evil doer's' mentality and attitudes get a serious look in the mirror and are downplayed. Thanks for publishing your opinion as an 'insider' and hopefully something good and better will come out of this debacle.


Well said, Kelly. What a sorry mess this has become.


P.S. I had another thought: maybe the rules do not apply IF you've already made a name for yourself and/or are well-known in the scrappy circle!!!


I TOTALLY agree with you!!! I am just wondering what happened to ethics and integrity? Seems to me, the more emphasis placed on the contest, the stricter the rules. Of course, all contests will have rules, but HoF rules should be VERY rigid. I am amazed by their indifference and, like you, I wonder why the winner isn't gracious enough to step down. It's just the RIGHT thing to do!!!


wow and I haven't been around but Ihappen to agree with you Kelli. I really find the Sunshine and Flowers attitude annoying and this is again part of the reason I do not submit pages.


Thanks for posting this. I appreciate that as a highly visible person in the industry and a role model you are sticking to your guns and speaking up! I really admire that!


WTG Kelly...I totally agree with everything you're said. This contest has been rigged for years.


This whole situation is terribly disappointing. I am disappointed in what has happened, CK's response, in the winners' lack of response, and many peers' attitude toward this whole mess.

The truth and integrity matter to me. I am currently rethinking my choices with regards to purchases, associations, and more.

Continued well wishes to the real winners, those contestants that abided by the rules.

Deanna (scrappin-grandma)

Love that you have passion about this Kelly. Love that some people are standing up for ethics and doing what is right. I didn't enter--no need--but feel so bad for the REAL winners this year, having to go through this, and the HM's that should have been one (or two or three) of the actual winners.


Awesome post, Kelly! I agree with you... being published should not be the "be all and end all" of scrapping for anyone... it's so sad when it is. As for CK, I'm very disappointed in how the whole thing was handled on their part. Very, very disappointed.


Eh, I didn't particularly find that it opened many doors for future work, but your mileage may vary.

It's a mess all right! I haven't really been following but I got the gist.


I lightly lerk on some scrapbook message boards so this was news to me but I agree with you about this getting published stuff. But more than that what ethics does CK Media exhibit from the debacle. It will take a lawsuit to change this. I quit subscribing to scrapbooking magizine a long time ago...I can get ideas for free of off all the websites. {Frankly, I don't care the winning layout either}

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