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Oh sweetie--you didn't need all this adding to your stress level too! : (

Huge hugs and lots & lots of love!

tracy whitney

Dang it all, we discovered that someone stole our gas last week, too. Brian had a 3 gallon tank full in the back of his truck (for lawn mower) and when he went to use it, the thing was empty. : (


Awww...I love that word, 'serendipity'. Way to chin up. I need to look up those lyrics, I can only start singing it to my girl, and then end up humming.


I LOVE that new Rascal Flatts CD! I just put it in my car. LOVE it, I say!

Here's a hug for you and Misty today.


How about 'whiskers on dauchshunds'? Glad to hear you are taking your happiness into your own hands. Many, many hugs and puppy pets to you and Misty. Donna
P.S.- I like Rascal Flatts too!


GIANT HUGS! now you've got me humming that song! beautiful afghans!


Kelly, I'm glad you're able to find some happy things to make you smile in this difficult time.


Kelly, At least you have the option with doggy diapers and carts. With Muppy these weren't available. After two weeks of her lieing around trying to scoot we had her put down. It was so hard on me, she was my baby, my compaion, the only one who never asked for anything but food and love. I still miss her to the day. Hope that Misty has a long life ahead of her. Please be kind to Big Dog..I'm sure he didn't mean to hurt Misty, they may have been only playing..accidents do happen. Love Randi

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