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I cannot imagine how you feel - my dogs are part of the family, like yours. We have mobile vets out here that come to your home for the very reason you mention about your little guy. Do you have anything like that? There has to be some option besides both of you crying in pain. You should call your vet either way. I'm so sorry for what you are going through. Please let us know how Misty does in the next few days.


So sorry to hear about little dog. Muppy couldn't move her back legs back in 1998. The vet said that it was due to a strok. Do take little dog in? To bad that Kelli is just now studing to be a vet tech (and that we don't live closer - she would check out little dog for nothing)..she had to learn 91 bones by Friday of next week. So far so loves the class...alot of studing. Sending lots of Love and thoughts your way...Randi


Oh, no. Kelly, I am praying that your sweet little dog is ok. Hugs.



Maybe get a sedative for the little dog and then take to the vet? I have a dog that needs a lot of TLC in that department and I just give him a little Valium and off we go (he does have seizures and that's the main reason for the Valium). Dogs ARE part of our family and I feel your pain. Which would be worse though? Her suffering at home or at the vet's where you may get help. I'm so sorry you're going through this, especially with the last few posts. I'm in a similar situation.

*big hugs*


hey - i feel your pain, these animals become full family members as only another dog lover could relate. We had to take a very long road trip once when we moved across country. The Vet gave us doggie valium for our stressed out dog. I bet if you called the vet, they would write you an Rx for doggie valium, give misty the valium when she conks out... take her in... may work...



I am so sorry about your precious dog. I agree you need to call the vet and see if they can call in a sedative for her so you can get her to the office to eb checked out. Or make the vet do a house call.



I'm praying for Little Dog!
Perhaps (for the 8th time!) your vet could make a house call? Especially knowing how traumatic a visit to the office would be for the dog?
I'm sending prayers your way, and some cyber-petting for the dog!!


GIANT HUGS and P&PT for Misty. Too bad Dr. Trudi isn't close to you....


Yes, call about a sedative to give her just to transport her there. Once there, they can keep her quite sedated enough to x-ray. Please! I am so sorry this happened. I know how pets are really like our children. Sending a (hug) tonight as you deal with this.


I'm so sorry Kelly. Maybe the vet will make a house call? It must be hard for both you and Misty. Misty will be in my thoughts...


Poor doggie and you too! Can you find a vet who will make house calls?


OOooooh, Kelly. I am so sad for you. I hope your little dog will be okay. I can't stand this. One of my dearest friends just lost her dog a couple weeks ago. I am heartbroken for her. I am sending a hug and a prayer for your dog. And for you. :(

Stacy B

Is little dog a dachshund? If so, they are know to break their back causing paralysis of their rear ends. I would see if a vet could make a house call or give you a sedative just to take little do in.

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