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Oh my, what a ROTTEN week it's been for you. Sending you a big hug... and sending up a prayer for you guys. Hang in there, Kelly.

Christine Campbell

((HUGE HUGS)) Kel. I wish I could just fly down there and do something, anything to make it better. HUGS are all I can do from here, for now.

Mary Rogers

I know you enjoyed last night's show as much, if not more, than I did. I thought of you : )))

Becky H

its amazing what a Mom will do when her children need them. hope everything is ok with John, and your weekend goes better. Becky H


Good's friday! I hope you are surrounding yourself with good friends. Sounds like you need a girlfriend lunch! Sometimes life comes at you hard...take care of yourself.


GIANT HUGS, sweetie! Hope that GA gave you some much needed rest/relaxation/entertainment!


oh kel - i'm so sorry. big hugs and i hope you had a glass of wine with your grey's tonight ;)


Just wanted to give you a virtual hug. I hope it only gets better.


Oh girl, I've got nothing on that. Nothing. I just had to pop in here, because I've always enjoyed your view on Grey's, and at first I thought, 'all is right with the world, there is Kelly with a Grey's post'...and then I read on. You must be so tired. YOU are one tough mama. Chin up, kiddo, and let's hope you can enjoy an hour of entertainment tonight!

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