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I'm looking forward to hanging out with you too! What a fun weekend they have planned for us!


Kelly, I agree. I seriously have loved Fiskars from the day I got my first grey 12 inch trimmer about ? 12 years ago! I still use it even tho the numbers are worn off the ruler from DAILY use.... I love their reliability, their customer service and their products. I am so glad you will be working with them! Hurray for you and for them! They don't know (yet) how lucky they are to have you. :)


You are going to be in my neck of the woods! I don't live in San Antonio, but my inlaws do. We go there a lot! What an awesome opportunity for you. Yay you!!!

Amy H.

COOL!!! Looking forward to meeting you in San Antonio!

tracy whitney

WOW! That is SO COOL. Enjoy!


Congrats! That's awesome.


Wow! Very cool!


HOLY MOLY! How cool is that? I've passed along my love of Fiskars to Hayley, too! LOL!


How cool it that???? Congrats! Don't you love it when something wonderfully unexpected comes along like that!


Congrats! So, any chance of a layover in Dallas {grin}.

I know you have to be so thrilled!


Oh Kelly, that's wonderful. I'm so happy for you, and I have to add that you totally deserve to be chosen for this, 'cuz you are an uber-talented gal. YAY! Glad that you're smiling again too. :)

Kimberly Brock

I look forward to meeting you there!!! I received a golden ticket and can't wait to feel the fiskars love!!!


sounds like a super cool event and so glad that this made you happy.

Linda A. (elendae)

Looking forward to meeting you in San Antonio, Kelly!


Yee Haw! Yes, what a way to share the love! I, too, am a lifelong Fiskars fan.

Suzanne Walker

We are so excited that you will be able to join us. I can speak for "all things orange" when I say thank you for your passionate evangelism. We can't wait to spend more time with you in San Antonio because the truth is that it's not just about what we teach the nifty fifty, it's about what we learn from you. Yee Haw!

Kim B.

WOW. That's awesome. Congrats. Like Carla, glad to see you are posting again.


How cool, Kelly! Congrats! Too bad that event wasn't about 9 months earlier. :P And... SO glad you are posting again. Seriously.

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