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Long time no read of your blog and so sad that today when I decided to come for a visit I learn of your sad news. I am soo sorry to hear of Misty's injury; sad to say I dealt with the same thing with my little Rudy two years ago. It is not an easy road and everyone has to be on the same page in the family. I also work at an vet emergency hospital (my doctor is the cardiologist there) and we see these injuries all the time. I will keep you all in my prayers and hope that Misty does well with her new wheels and I do have to say that I love her new doxiediapers. Big Hugs to all!

tracy whitney

Sorry to hear about your poor doggy. We have a 14 yr-old. Chocolate Lab that is having major issues due to her age, and we are facing some tough decisions soon. It's tough, isn't it?


So what is best for you. I've seen lots of videos and strories on Animal Planet about dogs that have paralysis like Misty's. It will take a lot of training and getting used to but I believe Misty and you can retain a good quality of life. Good luck to you and Misty. I want to see a picture when you get her in her doggie cart. I bet she'll be zipping all around the house. Love and hugs to you both. Donna


I'm so sorry Kelly. People who use the "just a dog" line really don't get it. We had a big scare with Olive last month and I was heartbroken at the thought of losing her. Fortunately, she recovered just fine. Big hugs to you, the family, and Misty. I bet Big Dog is sad too.


in my world there is no such thing as "just a dog". No, they're family. little bundles of love. companions. (((HUGS))) Just a few months ago I had to say goodbye to my long time (10yrs) tiny friend. It was unexpected and very hard... so I feel some of your pain. ((HUGS))




Kelly, thanks for letting us know how she is doing. It is good that she is not in pain. Hugs.


Kelly - I'm so sorry!


Bless your heart!! It is so hard to know what to do! My aunt has a dachsund that has had doggy wheels for years now due to paralysis. She is single and couldn't bear to put him to sleep, so she is willing to do what it takes to deal with his paralysis. On the other hand, my neighbor had a dachsund that became paralyzed from the waist down. She is the mother of two teenagers and a kindergarten teacher and knew it was too much for her to deal with, so they had to put little Snickers to sleep. I am so sorry for you! It has definitely been a bad week!! :( Hang in there.


GIANT HUGS and P&PT heading your way.....


Oh no! How sad. She looks like such a sweet doggie. Big hugs to you both!


I am so sorry to hear about Misty... Dogs are not "just" they are our furry children. Just take one day at a time and remember to breathe.

Amy Sorensen

Oh, Kelly, I'm so sorry. I know how much Misty means to you. I hope you're able to come to a decision that brings you peace. HUGS.

Ruby C

Kelly ~~~ I am so sorry to hear about Misty Marie. It is very hard to deal with this type of pain and letting go. Glad that you are taking it at your own pace, but do remember little Misty and how much she can stand also.Gary was a lot like you in letting go when it came time so do understand where you are at. My thoughts are with you....Ruby C


I'm sorry that her prognosis isn't better Kelly. At least you know that she's not in pain. You'll both be in my thoughts...


Oh Kelly I so do understand. She isn't "just" a dog she's family. HUGS

Stacy B

Hugs! Can she not have surgery because of her age? My neighbors dog had the back surgery and used a wheelchair for awhile and is running around like normal now. At least you know she is not in pain.


What a rough week you've been having. Lots of hugs to you, and try to hang in there. It will get better.

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