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I know May was really missed at CHA this time! But Stephenie is great! How nice of her! I love those scissors etched with The Edge of Reason. :b so neat. and love those cute Fiskateers Random Acts of Crafting tees.

Thanks for the recap! Good to have you back. and so sorry about your camera.


Living so far away, people often forget about sharing the details of the everyday with people. There are no "hook ups, goodie bags or thank you's" for us...just the details that one can gleen from reading a blog. Thank you for sharing the kindness of others to you!

Emily Pitts

oh, i made your blog! how special do i feel? it was wonderful to meet you kelly, i appreciate all the advice you shared with me about the industry. you are amazing! can't wait to see you again in ca.


way cool stuff and way cool friends!


Looks like fun stuff!



well I WISH I had been there too!!! LOVE your recap and pics of little things. :)

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