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Lee Ann

Hi! Had an awesome time in your classes and crops this past weekend!! Can't wait until you come to Frederick!! I found the sanding stick that you were hunting. It's made by a company called Creek Bank Creations. They were at the Arlington GASC, they were not at Chantilly, but they will be at Grand Rapids in July.


Funny you should mention Harry Potter. I just pulled out my books to re-read before I get the next one. I am still so shocked by the ending on the last one though so I know I will be thinking about that the whole time and trying to analyze Snapes behavior.


Beautiful pictures!


So good to have you back! The pictures of Alyssa and Matt are wonderful! Made me almost long for Alexa's 1st prom, almost :-) Glad to also hear the voice is back in more ways than just the audio level. Have a blast at CHA, I'll look forward to your reports and stay well! You can always check in with me on my blog. Stay in touch, Donna

Mary Rogers

she is beautiful Kelly! So glad you are finally feeling better..



Beautiful photos of your daughter! You must be so proud of her. Back to backs like what you have been doing and all the classes -- no wonder it took awhile to shake the pneumonia. Isn't great that the kids are old enough to mostly fend on their own? News - DS leaves for basic training next week, we are starting to feel "older" somehow.

La Tonya

Glad to hear you're feeling better!


ARGH! I can't get the prom pictures. Waaaah! So glad that you're feeling better and are back to blogging! :)


Glad to have you back. The pictures are beautiful.


Glad to hear you're healthy again... and you and your kids survived June. :)

Stacey B

Yeah! I have been wondering how you are doing. Glad you both feel better AND got new prom pictures :)


Sorry to hear that you had pneumonia..glad you're better. We go to Yakima this coming weekend to meet the new addition to the family...Graydon. Did you get the pictures? It is my younger sisters 50th party and Brandon said that he would bring the baby over. Neil and Jordan are coming up from California, also. I haven't seen them for almost 2 years. Jim is going with us to Yakima, he hasn't seen Jordan since she was about 7 or 8 and she is now 17. Kelli has to work, but as she says she will be living there for two years so when they come visit she will be there. Great pictures of Alyssa and Matt. She sure is a beauty, Michael says that she should model. Got to go...until next time Randi

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