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Man, you'll have to share your crop play list with me. I LOVE that Shania CD, but I suspect my hubby may have *hidden* it so he would never have to listen to it in the car again. lol

I'm glad things turned out okay with John. I hear ya on the whole mommy-guilt thing. I try very hard not to take my son's outbursts personally, but every now and then, he says something that touches a nerve, and I am a train wreck again. *sigh*

Biggest hugs to you, my friend. Hang in there.


I hope you don't mind, but I sent your blog link to my mom...with two older teens still at home and lots of medical issues and the normal frustrations as well, I think she will really enjoy reading it. And I love it too. I just can't believe it has taken me this long to visit!


hope you have some bon jovi and guns 'n roses on that playlist!!!

that's a LOT of songs!


Isn't it nice when our kids can be right every once in a while...?


lol at the whole Ipod downloads taking 4 hours-computers can defintely be a pain at times. like the idea of the fun dance music list!-Im sure they are going to love it


@@ on the "I told you so."

Music: how about that "I Like to Move It" song? have 80's music? Dirty Dancing? "Shake a Tail Feather"? "Tubthumping"? Queen? "Pump up the Jam"? All part of my iTunes library for various reasons. . . ROFL . . .I even have "The Time Warp" ROFL . .. there's one of those weird get up and move it songs.

After this weekend (with 6 recitals) I may have to get that Rama Lama song they used for "So You Think You Can Dance" last season. And Rebel Yell. . . ROFL. I know all the words to them now.


Hey, Great Big Sea has an album called Up. Great stuff.


HUGS, Mommy. Is that BP low? Mine is usually around there. At least he didn't have to reschedule....


I've got the giggles now. First that you are probably as organized and detail oriented as I am to make such a play list. I don't have an ipod, but if I did I'd do the same thing you did. Sounds like a fabulous crop play list! Secondly the 'I told you so mom' just tickled my funny bone. I'm SO GLAD that it all worked out and she could still do it- I bet you don't make him do PE again before an infusion!

Take care!

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