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OK, search party is about to head out since there's been no activity on this blog for over 2 weeks now! ;)

Kelly S.

Hope all is well! Miss your postings.


oh no.... I hope you get your voice back soon, and start feeling better. What a terrible time to lose your voice!!


Kelly: wanted to make sure you feeling better. I heard about the bronchitis on 2Peas, my how word does fly! Hope everything is OK, looking forward to hearing from you soon, take care, Donna


Sorry about the voice. How was prom?


ARGH! We so should've gone somewhere and picked something up for that on Thursday! Hoping you're home and resting your voice by now.


Oh Kelli that is just horrible. Feel better honey.


Oh no! That sounds rough. I hope you can find something to help!

(I remember being sick once when I had to give a talk in church the day the microphone wasn't working. That was hard.)


GIANT HUGS, sweetie! Hope that you get your voice back soon!


Anything hot with honey in it. Hot tea with honey or hot lemon and honey. Those always help. Also, black licorice if your throat is sore. Tastes gross but it helps. And if that all fails, gargle with some salt water. At least, that's what my mom always says.

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