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tracy whitney

I hope you have a good trip.
I know what you mean about being in a bookstore. The information and ideas hanging thick in the air are humbling and inspiring. The fragrance, heavenly with the scent of crisp, new paper and enticing notes of fancy coffees wafting from the cafe is intoxicating! I would love to fall into one of those comfy, cushy chairs and stay allllllll day. : )


I agree with May! You have to go on and know that even over here in Sweden our prayers are with you. BBC and CNN has had extensive coverage including the memorial ceremony as well as the local tv stations. This is a heart wrenching story all over the world. As a West Virginia U alum, it impacts me even harder as I know the state and the school.


Oh sweet girl. I wish there was something--anything--I could say or do to make your day better but I know that's just not possible. Huge hugs and prayers to you and yours.



My biggest fear is not so much that I will not be able to protect my children, but that they will feel unprotected and vulnerable. Scared. That I will be unable to comfort them. My heart is breaking for the families and students. Hugs and prayers.




I understand the need for information. I remember being absolutely OBSESSIVE after 9/11. Every website, google hit... as if somehow I could make it better by learning more. (sigh) The pain is indeed great, and won't fade quickly. But as you said, life has to go on. ((HUGS)) and much love and support.

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