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Kelly - I think Sawyer is a total hottie, too (and I don't even watch Lost). Unfortunately, Todd has already shot down the name Sawyer for any potential boys we may have.


Apollo is a cutie!!

tracy whitney

I just tried a passion flower tea that was pure YUCK, too. I kinda have a crush on Justin Timberlake...can't get too carried away though. I remember when he was in the Mickey Mouse Club when Amberly was small! lol I can't beleive you brought up credit card bills (you buzz kill)- now that you reminded me, I'm stressed about mine, too. : (


Kelly, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do...and if that means a ranting, whining, "what doesn't that idiot get!" blog entry...then so be it! You are entitled, you are woman - ROAR!! Then go out and have some chocolate!


you would think he would get a clue by now. too funny! that's why we have separate accounts! LOL!


My DH doesn't get it either. I had some Target therapy yesterday, too. My son didn't have any shorts that fit and guess what, it's HOT (at least for the moment) here in MD. The boy can't go to school naked! He just doesn't get it at all. I mean, HE eats most of the food in the house, but doesn't get it when I say I'm out of money for food!!!!


my dear Kelly I can just hear your voice in this entry. Last month I got a raised eyebrow and "how did we spend $500 at Target in a month?" But after a few brief items explained (diapers, stuff for garden, etc.) was all good. No major bill payer feuds. I am glad that (at least for now) my bill payer gets that sometimes things need to be purchased for the darling wee.

As for tea, thank you for sharing!! You and I share the same favorites it seems. Right now I'm using the standard 'ice tea' from Lipton to make gallons of iced tea. It keeps me hydrated because I can drink it faster than plain water.

I do hope you feel better and have fun watching TV tonight. Take care!

robyn bedsaul

Kelly! Spring ALWAYS kills us financially. We have 8 family birthdays! ARGH! Plus my husband never understands that the girls need LOTS of new shoes for spring. Girls CAN NOT wear the same shoes with every outfit. It's a fashion law or something!

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