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Kels- When I lived in Newport, RI I worked at a Stamp Store called 'Newport Stamp Studio'. It's now closed, but I met Susan because she was our area Rep, so I know who she is. Have fun teaching!

BTW...I need to ask you a few q's about IVIG. Porter starts this summer.


robyn bedsaul

My kids won't help me kit for 24 or 12 for that matter! :D I'd help if I could!

Jennifer S.

HI, friend! I can't wait to hear about your trip to RAH! You will LOVE it. :)

Have a safe trip!


Kel--you just call me and I'll come kit with you. I'm always up for earning an extra buck! ; ) {tee-hee}

Kitting should always be shared with a friend! : ) <<----and you can quote me on that! ; )



I have purchased over 30 kits and only used half of one of them...These look really nice and I would be happy to "test" them out for you...That is if you NEED me to0, LOL!


Hope you had fun! IHATE sucks lol

Laura Fiore

Kelly--I just got caught up on your blog...the kits look too fun! I wish I lived close enough to take one of your classes! Gonna email you some more personal stuff now! Hugs!!


So close, yet so far! I feel like if you are in New England it's just a stones throw away from NY - I keep forgeting where in NY I live! A good 6 hour car drive from N. Attleboro! I have my scrapbook retreat next weekend anyway. It'll be good to be back with old friends for a weekend. My store owner is going to the same event in Framingham. Enjoy!


Man, I wish I lived closer... I would have LOVED to help you assemble the kits. And I would have gladly done the trial run of your class. I'm hopeless when it comes to following directions, so if I could do it, you know you've done it right! LOL

The pink EK success bag and accessories... they ROCK! Wow! That would be the PERFECT thing for travelling. I would LOVE not to have to pack all my stuff from my scrap room whenever I headed out to crop. :D

Have a great trip, Kelly!


I wish I could come to the crop in MA but it is alittle bit out of my way. That tool kit is awesome off to find me one.


LOVE your kit! Too bad I weren't closer, I'd help you out in a heartbeat! I love doing that kind of thing - weird, I know. Have fun with your new pink "toy"!


Kitting classes sucks. There's no other way to put it. I remember it was spring break last year and I had just injured my back. I stood there in my kitchen....dying with pain...packing 500 class kits all by myself. I'd do five, then sit down, then five more, then sit down. Misery, I tell ya. You have my deepest sympathies.


Next time you need help, just let me know! I'd be glad to come over and "kit" with you. I'm just in Mont.gomery Co. The kit looks cute!


Hey! Glad to see you're kitting that thing. Hoping the trial run goes well. EKS. . . I must admit, I've gone the way of the MM cutter and I haven't touched my cutterpede again. I couldn't talk myself into the pink kit as much as I tried! I really wanted to be able to justify that thing! Glad you've got it. . . that kitchen table kit is a good idea. As is being able to travel with a kit. . . you know, in case you get stuck in a city somewhere! {grin}


if i lived close i'd come help you kit and i wouldn't even require payment. i love doing things like that. love to organize. love the pink eks kit. had not seen that before. a must for any pink girl.

have fun teaching.


Hey, Kelly -- Isn't that kit the best?! I don't have the cute pink version, but its less cute black predecessor is equally handy. I love that it zips up and holds in EVERYTHING. If you want to stop by the NYC area going to and fro in your travels, you know I would love to see you!! ;)


Sound like you are in a better mood today..glad for it.. was worried about you. We (Michael, Kelli and I) are off to Las Vegas bright and early tomarrow morning. We will be staying with Michaels brother and his wife. Will be there until next Friday night. It will be Kellis first time there. We were there once when she was in Jr High. Got to go..have packing to do.

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