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I wept as I read this. I only have one child. My dd who is only 6.5, but I already think about the day she moves away. She told me just today that when she gets married she'll have a little girl who can come stay with me for sleepovers, and I won't have to be sad because she's remind me of her. Such depth for a 6 yr old huh?
Your words are so loving, i love to read them! TFS!


My oldest is ten, but I get you...I am going to be a mess! For as often as I wish for ME ALONE time, I know deep down I love the chaos...and being needed. Thanks for the reminder. I think I am going to get off the 'net and go play with the kids.


(((Hugs))) to you, Kelly!!! I hope it is a comfort to you that she looks JUST like you. Even her mannerisms -- that photo in the lower right corner is YOU, I swear!!

Kitty Foster

Girl - I get ya.

I too feel your pain.


oh totally love the pages and I am sure you will work through it.


What a sweet page! ((hugs))


Hugs. I don't even want to think about my girls leaving.


Oh Kelly - ((((((((((hugs)))))))))), my friend!!! I don't know how you'll survive - I'm in a panic at the thought of this myself and my oldest is only 9! But, this much I do know - I know that you will find a way. I think you're already on that path and you're preparing yourself for that next step right now. And I think you'll be okay when the time comes because you'll know that Alyssa will need you to be okay. And you will survive. And you will be so proud.

And then you'll have to email me and send these words right back to me when my time comes to let my girls leave the nest. :p


You are such a good mom! A true inspiration to me. Alyssa and John may not recognize it now but they will and it will make them better parents when their time comes. Hang in there!

Angie Grimm

You'll do okay you are a survivor. It will be painful but it's part of the growing process for both you and Alyssa. At least that is what I tell myself (a growing process) when I think about these things!

Angie Grimm

These teenage years are heck on us mom's aren't they? I struggle with never wanting to let my son go and not being able to wait until he is out the door :-) Some days are just like that.
Hang in there! You'll do okay - you are a survivor!


You're a strong person, mujer. You'll survive - but in the meantime sending hugs your way.


GOSH, you've made a preggo cry in her cube! GIANT HUGS, mommy! Good thing I've got quite a few years before I have to deal with that.....


Ah - the TEEN years - They are survivable ... just barely. In Aug of 1988, my baby, youngest of 5, became a teen-ager - the eldest was 19-1/2 (ergo - 5 teenagers under the roof). Fortunately, the two oldest left for college about 10 days later - of course, there was need to worry about that too. Now, I am BLESSED that they all got their college educations and degrees. The oldest three (daughters) are now married, and mothers (providing me with seven, soon to be eight, beautiful grandchildren). Life is good - the Lord is good - prayer and love are very helpful to get through the teen years.
Peace and blessings.
P.S. I enjoy reading your Blog - Thanks for sharing.


i don't even want to think about these days coming. i'm getting ready to register my oldest for kindergarten and all i can think is i will blink and he'll be getting ready for high school. my brother went and registered tonight for high school. i can't believe how time flies. makes me so sad and yet so proud at the same time. let me know how you handle this so i have some ideas. lol!!


love seeing you do the digi my friend.

alyssa is so lucky to have you. {hugs}


oh my gosh kelly... i am crying here... your words are so powerful, heart and souled filled... wow .... hugs to you


I know how you feel. I have been able to keep Kelli home for the past 6 years and now it looks as tho she will be moving out in Sept. I too don't know what I will do without her...shes my best friend.


I don't know... but I'm sure you'll work it out. ((HUGS))

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