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Happy (late) birthday to the ugliest (yeah right!) baby ever born! Hoping the day was great. Paints huh? Thinking this is a new way to work on surprising you like the photos from 1/27? {grin}

I have to ROFL about the mall/shopping comment. Allie and Alaina were having the conversation last week about shopping. Allie said "When you're a teenager, you're supposed to love shopping. I don't know about that." Alaina strongly supported that shopping thing . . . you know, the one that walked around all the racks at Gymboree and picked out what she just *had* to have. @@ . . . I don't think she's going to have to be a teenager to love the shopping thing.


Happy Birthday to John!!!!!


i remember being told that you had a 10lb boy. All we could think at the time was what a big baby for Kelly. She is so tiny. I didn't relize that John shares his birthday with my neighbor Jon (24yrs)and my older sister Willi (52). Hope his birthday is as memberable as theirs. Love to you.

monica gonzalez

love love those shoes! both pairs :)

and happy day john!!


Gotta luv the shoe shoppping! Cute pairs :)


Happy birthday, John!!!! I think that your mom is lying personally about your being the ugliest baby cause I've seen some SCARY ones but if that's the story she wants to stick with.... Love the new shoes! LMAO that you guys didn't buy anything for him at the mall though but not surprised. I can't wait to see what he creates either! Talented family.....

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