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cant wait to see more
enjoy your trip to the fullest! you deserve it!

hugs to you!

Donna M.

Darn! I missed you before you left. Have a great time at CHA, relax and enjoy the kudos that I know will be coming your way along with other members of the Luxe team. Looking forward to hearing all the cool stuff! Donna M.
P.S.- Say Hi! to Debbie Shuh if you see her from me ;-)

Jennifer Stewart


I am SO proud of you and happy for this huge Luxe opportunity you have!! They are blessed to have YOU on their team. I know first hand how fabulous you are to work with. :) I can't wait to hear all about CHA.

Prom...LOL. I have three younger sisters, you know...and my Mom said there were three things she DREADED shopping for with 4 girls - prom dresses, purses, and bathing suits. Do you agree? haha

Love you,

Brandy Gofourth

Kelly, you are such a big tease...I'm glad I already know what our stuff looks like!


You know, sometimes you just have to have a little fun .. . glad you let John go to the concert. I'm sure he'll have a blast. My first concert . . .6th grade, Corey Hart. My friend with divorced parents (back in that day, there weren't nearly as many!)who had to one-up each other with birthday celebrations. Mom would do a huge sleepover with more junk food than necessary and one movie after another. . . until we discovered MTV. Dad. . .he'd take 3-4 of us to some pricey place . .. thus the 3rd row seats at the Corey Hart concert.

Alyssa .. .tell her she's only allotted ONE prom dress! {grin}

Luxe .. . loving that black/white paper. . . .and OOOOH . . . are those possibly rubons? Make sure to see Terri while you're there and have a chat. Wishing I could be there with you guys. Can't wait to see more of the Luxe line!


Oh my goodness. I cannot WAIT to see that black and white line. Seriously.

I also can't wait to see you.

Have a great flight and I'll see you Sunday!


I've always been bonkers for black and white, so I know already that I'm going to have to get me some! I'm bummed I won't be there to catch up with you at CHA.

Hope J has fun at RHCPs tonight! We went last Saturday night...yeah, a bunch of us old farts!


I'M Waiting so impatiently. I have been dancing around the house at just what you have given us. I so am gonna be dieing until I get my hands on some LUXE.... Have fun in Cali! Hug Jen and Pam for me and have FUN!!!!!

Kim B.

Woo Hoo. Can't wait to see.........

Tracy Whitney

Have a great trip! Maybe I'll see you there - I'll be in the Dream Street booth. I'm looking forward to seeing all the Luxe products!

corinne delis

we do not have prom in the Netherlands but boy I would have died for a promdress! Love the sneak peek, can't wait to see more of it!



NOT looking forward to those teen years! LOL! Thanks for the sneak peak. Have a fantastic time at CHA and can't wait to see more pictures!




Cathy Pascual

can't wait to see the new products :)


Those are very MAJOR issues for you and for your TEENS! Love the large sneaky peek at Luxe - I've enjoyed the tiny ones on the site and look forward to seeing the real thing at CHA! GOOD LUCK!!!

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