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I have often had similar thoughts. I came up with a cataloging system that *seemed* like a great idea, but it takes a long time to do, and I am waaaaay behind. And in the almost two years that I've had my digital camera (20D), I have printed very few pictures.

Tracy Whitney

I saw this comic strip, too! Cute, huh? And TRUE!


Oh yeah, I feel ya on this one!


ROFL .. . you should see the huge amount of photos that showed up on my front porch today (760!) because I hadn't printed many out since I went digital. I CRAVE the paper, kwim? I've got another set even larger than that being ordered today. EEK!

Hoping your trip here is great . . . sorry it's such a quick one.

I've been thinking about you . . .sending hugs.


I spent 45min searching for a photo today. :p I feel your pain!

Amy Sorensen

Having almost lost a whole half-year's worth of pictures...I SOOOOO relate to this! At least when there was one picture in the attic, you knew for SURE it wouldn't get lost. Thanks for sharing this comic strip, too funny!


So True!!!

Julie Ann

That is too funn! Love the comic. is Thursday!!!!! We know what that means.


Heh...I can SO relate!


I do love being able to take a bunch of pictures and then pick the right ones with digital(although I don't always have the time to pick the right ones...haha). I can definitely relate to this though!


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