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Peg Graham


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What a wonderful post. Really, it brings me to tears on so many levels... ;)


Sudie Alexander

Kelly, I am so impressed with your son and his relationship with his mother. I can only hope that my daughter and I can have such wonderful communication when she is his age. There is something special about having a book read out loud. One of my college lit professor's believed that was the way books were meant to be enjoyed. I have been blessed with the love of books since an early age. I hope to pass that on. Thank you for a thought provoking entry today.


Amen Sister!! Banning books just makes me SO angry. I'm a Christian who, of course, doesn't want my children reading filth but for the life of me I cannot understand people who want to impose their book hatred on others. And the books that are often chosen to be banned??!!! Some of the greatest classics of all time!!!!
I know what you mean about the joy you get when a child loves to read. My girls have always loved reading and there is nothing like SHARING the joy of a book with them! Yesterday afternoon in the car, my daughter McKenna (in 9th grade) was reading To Kill a Mockingbird out loud to me. I've read it MANY times over the years and McKenna has read it before too, but yesterday she was reading it out loud to me and we were laughing together, discussing it together. Nothing like that!! (shoot, this feels like a post I need to write on my blog!)


You have done a wonderful job Kelly!!!! And books should NOT be banned!

Kimberly Kwan

You've done good, Kelly.
You've done good.

Book banning is bad.
A teenager who wants to TALK about one of the most amazing pieces of American Literature EVER with his (gasp!) Mom is a GOOD thing.
An opening to a dialogue about much BIGGER issues is AWESOME!!

Bravo! Whatever you've done/are is WORKING!

Mary Ellen

Very interesting post Kelly--I read the link and became quite engrossed in the side burnings?? in the 21st century??? and was NOT surprised (though APPALLED) to find out that 90% of the burnings were for religious reasons. I am a Christian, and I can't for the life of me imagine Jesus burning a book. I imagine Him sitting down and having a long, interesting book discussion re: the book with the reader, but not burning. And still today--up until this very minute, the things done in the name of *religion* must break His heart...
Thanks for the food for thought....(SUCH a cool story about your son wanting to *relate* to you through a book...heartwarming!)
Mary Ellen

Jennifer Lynn

Wow, girl... just wow. Amazing post.

I'm with you - books should not be banned. I read well over half those books before I was legally of the age to make decisions for myself - and I think I'm a better person for it.


Okay took a look at the list and I don't know how I would of went through life with out Judy Blume and To Kill a Mockingbird is my all time favorite and I draw lessons from it to this day.

Banning books is so not cool.


Oh, my all time favorite book! I don't think I've had love for a book the way I did/do with OM&M. Heck, a duet partner and I even used it for a speech tournament a time or 2 (I was Curley's wife, he was a hugh tall guy . .. obviously George).

Banning books . . .not a fan of it. I do, however, have to give my approval on the kids' books. As Ian read HP when he was in the 1st grade, I have to watch that what he reads is not too emotionally ahead of his 10 year old emotions.

Amy Sorensen

You know how I feel about this topic (banning books). It all comes down, I think, to a degree of emotional intelligence---understanding the difference between a book that is written with the sole purpose of being offensive, or a book that is written with the purpose of educating or making someone think BY the use of something offensive. It's insane to me that there are so many excellent books on the banned book list, and yet garbage like Playboy etc is not. Besides, banning a book is a SURE way to get it read!

Did I tell you about the parent who had a meltdown over O.M.&M. when I was teaching?


As an avid reader it surprises me that we have a "banned list" at all. I thought we lived in the land of free and the brave?? First it will be banning books; then it will be banning movies and t.v shows; and next thing you know, women can't go out with shorts and short sleeves shirt. See where it will go? To me, banning says that I am not intelligent enough to read or comprehend it. It tells me that "people of power" must make those decisions for me because I don't know better. I never did like anyone telling me what to do--when it doesn't have anything to do with keeping me from killing myself. So, with that, I am off to print off the list of "banned books" and will make it a point to read them, and when my children are old enough, I'll make sure that they read it too. Banning books...hah!


My youngest (6yo dd) loves the Junie B Jones series. You have reminded me to make a point to start a new one tonight. Even in the simple world of 1st grade books there are some Moms who really slam these books because of how she misbehaves and her grammer is that of a 5-6 year old (which is incorrect most of the time) I love this little girl she reminds me of my little one.
I'm with you NO BANNED BOOKS!

Donna M.

When you start banning books, you start banning free thought. We have enough of that going around already with every Tom, Dick and Harriet telling us what to believe and what is acceptable and not. I'm with you NO BANNED BOOKS!

P.S.-I agree with Slammie, banning Harry Potter? I understand there are some places that have banned "To Kill and Mockingbird" - can you see the smoke coming out of my ears?


great topic today. i agree with everything you said. i have not read go ask alice, but it is now on my list of to read. i think i might go find the banned book list and make it a point to read at least half of them(i may have already and if so I will read more on the list). as my kids get older i will make sure they read them too.


Yeah, some lady in our county is trying to ban the Harry Potter books, too. Don't get me started!

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