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Secrets may make you crazy, but it sounds like what they are about is making you happy. Congratulations on your new phase. I am also a procrastinator, and work better under pressure and deadlines. Maybe it's a Kelly thing?


I'm so happy that you've found such joy in completing what you're working on. Deadlines . . .it's a love/hate relationship for me. I procrastinate, so I need the deadline. But I don't wanna HAVE a deadline!

callie Smith

I am so glad you have found yourself again. Can't wait to see what you are gonna do. You go girl!!!!!!


ok maybe I have mentioned this before but you so remind me of the mom from the cartoon the incredibles. I remember thinking that before but today I saw something incredibles at the store and I remembered again. Secrets stink I can't keep them and I hate knowing them because I know I can't.


WOW, ooooo you're in it girl! I'm so impressed and happy you're pursuing what you love. That is the joy in life: pursuing your passion. xxoo


LOL! Yup... goats and old photos... that's what I'm all about!

Oh Kelly, seems like things are really going good for you. You seem like such a nice person. It really pleases me. I'm happy for you and thrilled to share your excitement and anxiousness over secrets. :)



So glad to hear good things! Keep us updated on your Brother.

Julie Ann Shahin

Congratulations! Very exciting.


I swear these days my whole life is a secret!!!! (I feel your pain) It's so hard to keep good things inside... but hopefully you'll have some good things to share soon. =)


Kelly....WHAT are you up to? LOL

Tracy Whitney

Oooooooh - secrects, eh? Sounds exciting! Best wishes. : )


congrats Kelly!
can't wait til you spill the beans! :)


Congratulations, Kelly! Can't wait to find out what the secrets are! :)


Ok, I've already signed up for the emailings...and I have officially de-lurked!
Hope all is well with your brother also!


Can't wait to see what you're up to!

Jennifer Lynn

Secrets rock! :-)

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