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So happy to hear I'm not the only one feeling sluggish and blah these days! I love the idea of going on strike, I just might have to do that one of these days as well. Your layouts are GREAT!!


I love the projects that you did while on strike! I so wish that my kids understood what a strike was. ;)

heather (boobugbear)

You go girl!!! I think I have to go on strike for a couple of hours this weekend. :-) I may have to borrow Steph's invisibility cloak, too. ;-)


Good for you! *smiles*

tracy whitney

I'm hanging on to my sanity by a thread as well, as my girls don't go back 'til after Labor Day. Good luck!


LOL.... I go on strike too... about once a year...I am glad to hear I am not the only mean mommy out there !! 3 more days til school starts here...3 more days... all the moms on my block keep saying that over and over today....
its our mantra !!


Great layouts!


Ohhhh, I need to go on strike too!


Good for you! :-) The layouts are gorgeous!


Oh, what a GREAT idea! I'd love to go on strike. LOL. Great LOs you did during your "me time"... I hope you get some more time for yourself real soon.


ME Time is a wonderful thing I am learning


Going on strike is AWESOME now and then. =) AND you were able to produce some AWESOME (digital?) pages!!!! LOVE the colors, the fun, and the photos. GO KELLY!!!


Going on strike! What a terrific idea! can I go on a cooking strike? Maybe let dh or dd (who is 5) do all the cooking for the rest of the summer?? lol!


Love the idea of going on strike! Great layouts :)

chris jenkins

awesome concept - I just wish I could do it at my house without the fear of the world ending or something like that

good for you for taking some me time - we all need it from time to time

i feel ya on the chaos and feeling the need for routine - seems like life runs smoother with onset of fall - i feel a lot less lazy too (summer makes me tired!)

great digi work!

take care~


Hey I like the idea about going on strike. I wonder if it would work in my house...I may have to do this next week. tfs Danielle

Colleen E

Good for you. I know many of you moms can't wait for your kids to go back, but teachers ( also have to go back, so I LOVE a long, long summer. As my dd gets older, she spends less time at home anyway, so you'll have more and more built in "me" time soon! In the meantime, you do some really nice work on strike!


Love your layouts Kel! And I love that you went on strike--you have to do that from time-to-time.

Kisses! Miss you much!


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