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Love the kite tradition. Reading this has given me the resolve to do what I have hated doing in the last 5 years . . .going to the fall balloon festival. Okay, it's on the worst soccer weekend of the season, and I think Andy's leaving town for the weekend, but I'm going to buck up and do it! (Hmmm . . .wonder who all I can get to help me! vbg)

What special memories to have about your hometown.


love the your the beach... would love to fly a kite today..... sadly...its paperwork day and 102 here...aghhhhhh !!!


Great post today!! There are those moments in my past that I wish I could have just bottled, so I could go back and re-live them all over again. Just those special days--like your kite days!!
I love looking back at my old layouts. They might not be as "artistic" as my pages now, but the memories are just as precious and when I look at them that's what I see--the memories!


How funny that you don't consider them stylish today... That is what my pages look like that I did last week. I am not joking. I think I lack the patience to make the pages like you make. Oh well they are preserved just the same and I am sure my kids will think they are great in 30 years. Kelly, while you are remembering old traditions I am sure you are making new ones and that rocks!!


I can almost see the kites reading today's entry. I just wantched a family fly two kites on the beach the other night. It was so beautiful (when we were not worried that one would take a dive on us, LOL) and I know why they're so captivating for you - the kites, sites, sounds, people. Sigh, amazing.


Than go fly a kite! You don't have to be near the ocean to do so...all you need is a slight wind and the will...oh BTW please take some photos while you're at it...make those new memories!!! (((Hugs)))


Kelly, Michael, Kelli and I went to two different beaches this week. On Friday went to Lincoln City, OR. Was foggy and windy. The kites were flying. Even a really big one that can only fly on real windy days. Today, Saturday, we went to Ocean Shores, WA. Was clear and sunny - hardly any wind. There were a few small kites in the air. Enjoyed both days at the beach.

Wendy Reed (WendyReedPea)

Well the are gorgeous.... and I personally love to look back at older work!!! Smooches!

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