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Oh no, not the throes of first love! Aaaaaggghhh! Just kidding. Sort of.


I LOVE your story. It is SOOOOOOO teenager. What a lovely photo story of the Plantation you have there! I guess the photos look WAYYYY better than the memory, eh? It's great she realized what had gone down, and it was understanding of you to allow her the freedom to do what she wished. A happy ending for now, eh?! I love your teen stories. Gives me so much to look forward, to...LOL. Gosh to look at 'young love' through the eyes of what we've all experienced is so strange. Understanding reality and seeing the situation through eyes that haven't seen what we adults's so simple, and wonderful to behold! Sigh, love your entry today my dear. Hugs!


This is great post and it just cracked me up (dd waiting until the last minute!). But you really nailed it on the head and I think it's so great that you understood what was "really" going on in her head. I have a 14-y-o who has a sweet little "boyfriend" (although she can't actually date until she's 16), and I can see that day coming all too soon!
Your dd is just beautiful,by the way.


Okay .. . who's bright idea was it to close the plantation up? Don't they KNOW about all these projects and expect the last minute teens coming knocking at their doors???

She may be a teenager, and act as such .. .but at least when she thinks about what she's done, she's properly remorseful (or puts on the act REAL well!).

Ahhhh . . .first love. Think I gave my mom a heart attack over that one!


This entry brings back memories of my teen years and the hell I put my parents thru. Raging hormones, moodiness, the whole 9 yards. Thank goodness your children have a mommy like you to help guide them and see the light.

And seeing the photos of Sully Plantation reminds me of my girl scout days. I haven't been back since. It's terrible that I do not take advantage of all this history that is in our own backyard.

Lastly, your daughter is incredibly beautiful. And she has your eyes. :)


Oh what a beautiful daughter... beautiful BF... and beautiful coming of age story... this is such a treasured
post.... ok... now tell me what to do with the pissy princess at my house who does NOT have a boyfriend...
first love... I need to write a lovely post about that...
could require some embellishment...tee hee honestly...
I love teens...they force you to deal with truth... and life.. and aging.....

Janet Ohlson

I have an idea. When Abby hits teenhood, your kids will just be out of the house. You can come here and be my fulltime consultant on how to deal with teenagers, because I AM NOT READY.

But hey, at least you got to talk to me on the phone while you were leaving the plantation. HA!!!!!!


oh boy better you than me. Sorry the plantation tour wasn't what she expected and glad she apologized to you.


Oh what a great post!!! I remember that feeling all too well....


Hi Kelly,
You are one amazing mother. You are doing an awesome job. Great photo!


You are such a good mom. really. =)

tracy whitney

Kelly, are you blogging about your daughter or MY daughter?! The teen queen drama runs rampant in my house, along with procrastination and generally piss-poor attitudes! Keeps us on our toes, eh?


Oh, I love this post Kelly! And I hope that when I'm in the same boat with Hope, I'll have the patience that you do. You're totally right about first love. I'm actually STILL friends with my first love, and we laugh at how we were so convinced that nothing else mattered.

corinne delis

so glad I do not have any girls hehe, but I think boys will act the same, oh lord thank god they are under ten now! they look like a cute couple to me.


Colleen E

This was a great help to me as something happened over the weekend with my 16 y/o... It really put in perspective JUST HOW important things are (earth shattering) to them that don't seem as important to us. I caught mine in a lie (involving her bf) and thus grounded her on her last weekend of "freedom" before school started, including not being able to drive during the week EXCEPT to school and only IF a car was available. The apologies were rampant, but generally are when you know you blew it.

And then I started recalling the same age and the (yes) lieing I did to my parents. I love her dearly, but don't love this particular time. I miss her company and conversation...hate feeling like I'm only good for certain things when she needs them. But I do remember feeling the same way, and I adore my mom and have for a long, long time. So I'm waiting! I didn't blog about it today - but did pload "happy" first day photos - lol!

Your dd is beautiful BTW - keep sharing your stories as it's good to hear how normal it is!


Oh my!! This post scares me to death. I have two daughters and I dread the say that they "fall in love" I fell in love with my husband when I was 15 and now 12 years later we are married and have kids. Maybe the old do as I say not as I do thing will come in handy then YIKES!!

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