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Jennifer Sizemore

Oh, Kelly, this is such a heartwarming story. Thanks for sharing it with all of us.


I saw the picture of the sweaty pads and smiled . . .knowing what they meant. Knowing that they meant John was healthy enough for football, knowing that it meant there was some normalcy in his life.

I read your post . . .and I cried. . . cried because you so eloquently stated what we know. . . it's all in God's control and we have to depend on Him. Cried to see what all you've done to help John and to see the faith you put in God.

Hugs to you my friend . . .and to John. I know God has you both tucked into His hands.


Excellent Post...WTG Mom and keep hanging in there!


That's so good to hear. Here's wishing John a great football season!


OK I .just read the other comments and I think Barb has a great name for your book. Blessings in football pads. Haha that would rock!


Kelly, I am not joking or being funny when I say WRITE A BOOK!! I am so serious you would make a fortune you could talk about how to love yor kids without going crazy!! I am telling you that the part time job should be writing a book... Ok I will stop. Great blog, keep up the great work!!


What a beautiful entry!!!


Kelly, your blog always touches my heart and inspires me in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us here, and please know that you and your family are always close to my heart and in my prayers.

Kimberly Kwan

blessings in football pads.
good stuff!


tears in my eyes, but a smile in my heart. SO GOOD to hear that things are working, that god has been helping you out, that you have GREAT coaches. At his age I had a similar issue, and it was showing horses that got me back on track.

Go Kelly! YOu are doing an amazing job, and I can't wait to see those football pics.

Randi Owens

I know how you felt when John was missing. I to had the same feelings when Jim was in Phoenix. We always called each other several times a week. We had made arrangements to call him on a Monday to make final arrangements to help him move back to Vancouver in Jan of 2001. When we called he didn't answer his phone, called at different times for several days, He was always good about telling me when he wasn't going to be home. He came up missing just before Christmas in 2000, its hard to look for him when he was living so far away and we had a detective looking for him. He was missing for a week. Turns out he was at a friends house here in Washington. Boy did he get a yelling at. It was good hearing his voice over the phone. He now lives at home again, has for a couple years now. It would be good if he could get a good paying job so he could move out again. But no such luck yet, he is working but not making enough to live on his own. My thoughts our with you. Randi


I am so happy for you and your son...prayers for the entirety of this journey...


You did such a beautiful job telling this story about your son. I have a 14 year old nephew who is very special to me, and he is beginning his freshman year on the football team as well. Best wishes for all of you. Jill

Janet Ohlson

OH, for Pete's got me bawling with that one. You KNOW how happy I am to read this. Now if you'd only call me....sigh....:)


Beautifully written. I love the analogy between the dirty clothes and the lost son.
Thank you for sharing this journey with me as I get ready to send my boys into adolescence.

Amy Sorensen

You know...for me, it helps to remember that God is in the details. Meaning: praying over football is entirely appropriate. He WANTS (I think) to be involved in the details, the guts, of our lives. Whatever form the solution took---I'm so glad John is on his way to feeling better.


I love reading your blog-much of what you say I can relate too all too well. My teenager also went through a difficult time in high school and it was a struggle for many years. Finally, a new school in a new state-private Catholic school turned it around. She went to live with relatives for a month or two before we were able to move into our new home. Living with a another family-gave her a lightbulb moment.......where she finally got what we had been trying to convene to her. She saw first hand how other kids her age function,the importance of school, and that her parents aren't totally off their rockers. Hang in there.....there will be light at the end of the tunnel. I know it is difficult(the stress about killed me)-but turn it over to God. Trust in him and everything "It is Already Okay!"


Wow, Kelly. What an amazing, inspiring story. Thank you.


Donna M.

Kelly, you are a constant inspiration. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts, your family and your heart. I'll be keeping you and John in my thoughts. Donna


As a mom to two teenage sons, I read your post and cried. I appreciate and understand your prayers and the struggle! It was really encouraging to me today. Thank you!

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