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((((((Kelly and John))))))

I know it's hard to sit and watch him go through that. And it's so great the introspection you have regarding it and all the things that happened during you "la la land" time.

and ROFL about the study of bugs! Sure, I took etymology . . . in the form of an SAT prep class that I took before school on a daily basis!


Etymology+aromatherapy= bugs that want to smell good. In lalaland I am so entertained by that, it makes me laugh, seriously. Then back to realityland where my kids think I am about as lame as they come and my new college living son has asked "do we have to talk every day"? I think I`ll go back to lalaland. I think the most exotic class we had in high school was tennis or in my case math was pretty exotic, still is.


Oh my goodness, I can't believe I had missed so many of your posts...I'm wondering about bloglines...mmm, I might just have to go back to my old fashioned way of checking my favorite blogs for updates. Thanks so much Kelly for visiting my friend's are so nice, heck more than nice, you totally rock. This is why I love coming by, you always have so much to share, so deep, so real, so you. Thanks!


Kelly, "Delusional" is how most of us get through life...if I couldn't be just a tad delusional, I'm not sure that I could cope. Thanks for sharing yourself in such an open manner, it makes me feel just a little less crazed to know that we all have coping mechanisms to make it through the day...and on etymology...yeah, until I read your blog I thought it was also the "study of bugs"--thanks for the clarification ;)

Amy Sorensen

Kelly, I had this thought as I read your blog this morning:

Imagine if you HADN'T left your spot. How much harder would the past year have been? Maybe you can think of all those trials as support for your decision.

Glad John's treatment went OK!


GREAT post today!!! Just so much insight you have from your experiences! Thanks!
I think it's so true that we just finally get to a point--once we go through the "delusional" times and the hard times and the times when we really just feel out of the loop and don't know what to do--where everything is GOOD. It's really cool to see situations work out that way! I'm a big believer in the HIGHER purpose to things; so I am SO with your post today!


Great Entry Kelly and yep it is amazing what we discover about ourlives and ourselves when we sit and let ourselves be open. Also nothing wrong with visiting OZ now and then

pc smart

i was one of those language geeks who studied words, their meanings and origins....the result being that i have a lot of words i love just because of the sound and others i hate because of their origin. that is how i came to love the word "distraida"...not only does it sound cool (like mojito - ha) but the many meanings of it all fit me so well. remember 'my big fat greek wedding'? it all goes back to the greeks he my house it is "it all goes back to the romans"....


I love my yankee candle (aromatherapy) too!!! =)

As for la-la land. I think we all visit there, and I think that our burst back into reality and hind-sight really do help us see the challenges as blessings in disguise sometimes.


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