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Kelly . . .man, I've been off the blog thing lately. So jealous that you got to do CHA. . .. because I love that show, because I love that town. ROFL over SYTYCD . . .I've been watching here, and only got ONE hour last Wed . . .I was ticked! I love benji too.

Need to catch up with you! Miss the email chats.

Donna M.

Have a wonderful time! If you meet Debby Schuh - say Hi! from Donna M. in Buffalo - just to throw her! She teaches my scrapbook class at M's and she also designs for Anna Griffin and Canson. Have a blast, a drink for me and FUN!!! Donna M. (in Buffalo)


Have a WONDERFUL time!!!!!!!!!!


I still read and most of the time comment. I hope you have a fabulous trip. Live it up! Have a blast! Come back refreshed!:)

robyn bedsaul

Kelly I KNOW you are going to have a blast! Can't wait to hear all about it on Monday!!!


I hope that you have a wonderful time in Chicago! Can't wait to read all about it. :-)


Miss you - have fun! You're only about 3 hours away from me (can you believe I'm not going?!) Take notes so you can blog thoroughly when you get home!

Jennifer Lynn

Looking forward to meeting you! You girls behave at the pier and we'll see you for drinks later on. :-)


Sounds like a much needed break - I have a 14yr old son too and reading your entry felt like kindred spirits - good for you for taking the hard route (the phones).

For the ANTS ... try TERRO. If they are sugar ants, this stuff is great! I have a bug service that comes each month to do the outside of the house (I don't do bugs!) but the darn sugar ants aren't affected. Lowe's and Fred Meyer carry the Terro traps. It's a sweet, poisonous substance that attracts TONS of the ants, then they take it back home where it kills all their hill. I like to put it out at night, when I won't be around to witness the huge influx - but it's great even with pets and keeps them away for 1.5-2mths at a time. Good luck.


I will be looking for you at the Pub Reception. Have a blast I am posting from the airport.


Have a PHENOMENAL time in Chicago. I was going to go but construction made it impossible! Oh well! I love your orchestrating that meeting. You're so right - a Mom's gotta do just what she's gotta do. ENJOY and update us with pix when you return! :)


You definitely DO deserve a break!!! Enjoy your "teenager-less" time in Chicago! :)


Have a FABULOUS time in Chicago, Kelly!! I'm so jealous...I wish I was going. You definitely deserve a break....and CHA is going to rock!

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