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Oh my goodness, you got a lot of shopping done! Hoping it's a long time before Alyssa gets another one of those letters. But looking at all those bags, I know why she's on THAT list! {vbg}


Kelly, your writing so often puts a big smile on my face. I LOVE reading your blog. Thank you for sharing bits and pieces of your life here.

Congrats on the win... I'm glad Alyssa got her very expensive sunglasses! And I'm happy that you had such a great day! :)

Jennifer Wellborn

Sounds like a ton of fun! Glad you both had a great time!

Jennifer Lynn

What fun shopping... thanks for the vicarious recap!

And (I'm slow) what is this I'm hearing about you being at CHA. We must meet up... only I won't be at the designer dinner. Oh, the tragedy!


I bet you would be a blast to go shopping. I would be honored just to meet you though so I guess I will hopefully get to do that one day first :)


so glad you had a wonderful time shopping together.

Janet Ohlson

Looks like there are some pink stripes mixed in with the circle & dots! LOL! Are you wearing the new stuff to CHA??


Wow, Kelly, you two did well! Congrats on the big prize -- lucky Alyssa!!! I went there myself yesterday, looking for something cute and different, but all I ended up getting was more of the same of what I already own...the Caslon tees in every color they had in my size. :p Oh, and a couple of cute jackets on sale. -- Carla


I was giddy just reading your entry, as if I was there to witness all the action. I think Alyssa is slowly converting you into a shopper, but a shopper of great deals and fun times. How nice you won the $100 those sunglasses.

And to then be asked to head to the outlets...gee, Alyssa sounds like a girl after my own heart. When you are on a roll, you're on a roll!!!


I laughed all the way through this because it brought back memories of my days working at Macy's. I LOVED working there for five years, but still HATE to shop! You couldn't drag me to a 7am sale if you gave me the $100 first! LOL


What a great time! Will my stable (horse ) child ever want to shop? We were at the stables last night til about 10pm. I would have rather been collecting dots not dirt. The sunglasses, OMG, they are so cool. We need to see a pic of Alyssa in those fab glasses. Becky


I am living vicariously through you and Alyssa! I love Nordies Anniversary Sale! I've never found a petite section that I like as much as their's and that's forgetting they often carry shoes in my size too. :)


Sounds like you had a great time! Cassie and I were up at 7 and went to a yard sale...not quite the level of the circle and dot sale...haha.


what a fun day!! love all your finds and how cool that you won the $100 voucher!! I am such a Coach girl and I am loving those sunglasses. :)


Wow, wow, wow!! Awesome buys! Congrats on the door prize too! Lucky girls, I am jealous of your shopping trip, may have to borrow a teenage girl since I only have boys.

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