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I have an autoimmune illness and I know how tough it is to go through everyday tasks. I can only imagine how rough it is on a teenager. If you would like to chat at CHA. Well that is with a stranger I will be in the Holey Soles Booth. I am very curiuos to hear how John is doing.


My goodness--bless his heart! I cannot imagine how difficult this must be for all of you! You are in my prayers!


what a tough and difficult time...sending postive vibes your way. continue to keep us posted.

cheryl mezzetti

It is so difficult to watch a child be sick with an illness, but something about it brings out the fighting mom. I will keep your son, John in my prayers during my quite time every day. It will be easy for me to remember as we both have a son named John. (I spell it a bit different).



Oh Kelly...I'm so sorry you're having to go through all of this. I guess the good part is that John got a diagnosis and now they can start to treat him instead of still trying to figure out what's wrong. Keep your head're an amazing mom and woman. If anyone can do it...YOU can.

miss ya :o)


Smooches to you, Kel.

Praying that this will work for John.

Robyn Bedsaul

Kelly, I'll be sending positive thoughts,prayers and lots of hugs to you and John. ((((>)))

chris jenkins

Many prayers and well wishes for you and your family!

Amy Sorensen

Kelly, I'm keeping you and John in my thoughts & prayers. Hugs.


(((HUGS))) I'll be thinking of you and John all day. I am full of hope for you.

I've never heard of that book- so I'll have to go find one!!!


So glad you finally got that approved! I'm at the beginning of that battle with the braces. So hoping tomorrow goes well.

Enjoy 12 Sharp! I listened to it on the iPod while scrapbooking the day it came out and enjoyed it.


Sending lots of prayers and good thoughts today. I hope things went well and John's soon on the road to better health.

scott cotner-young

I lurk here often but wanted you to know that you and your family are in my thoughts! {{HUGS}} to you, stay strong!! Please let us know when you have news!


Prayers for John, his doctors & YOU!!! I so hope the treatments are successful!


Sending prayers to you and John. I hope it all goes well tomorrow!


My thoughts are with you and your family. I hope that things turn out well.


Im sending many many positive thoughts and prayers that the treatments go well.
No wonder your stressed...and it you've found something that helps your stress, just keep sewing!
Hugs to both you and John today!


Thinking of you and your family... wish there was something I could do to help. Hugs.


Oh, and I forgot to add... I love those Stephanie books, but I really need to get caught up (I just finished #5!). They have only been a recent discovery of mine, so I have a ways to go before I'm up with you!

Donna M.

Kelly: enjoy a doughnut with Stephanie's latest adventure. Something we have in common is this series. I'm so glad you have the latest and greatest - Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! I hope it helps you relieve the stress of your day with John. Best of luck with the treatments. The prognosis sounds very good for this therapy. I'll be thinking of you next week. Donna

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