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Stephanie Homburg

I'm gonna get to meet you! I'm gonna get to meet you!

Yes I'm totally dancing around in my seat :)


i'd be excited too if i had the time. you owe me an email missy!



Enjoy your giddiness, Kelly. And I hope you have a wonderful time with the gals at CHA! Hope you'll share what you see there with us!!


Kelly, I know you will have a "sweet" time! I'll be thinking of you!

Janet Ohlson

You are a silly, silly girl! I can't wait to have you here!


So excited for you. I'd be jealous if I wasn't already heading to the beach next week... I'll be having my own brand of fun - relaxing on the sand - and hanging with my family.

Okay. I'm still jealous. LOL!

So glad all the details have come together and you get to have some girlfriend time... you're going to have a blast!

Cindy Lee

I'm so jealous! but SO very happy for you that you have something fun and exciting to look forward to and can't wait to hear all about it! hugs to you, Cindy Lee


I'm happy to hear that everything has come together to make this trip possible. Sounds like you really needed it and your excitement makes me excited but dangit I'm not even going! LOL. Say hi to Torm for me, I can't wait to meet her someday...hehe. Have a fun!


Sounds like a lot of fun! I hope that getting away will help to relieve the stress a little and refresh your spirit. :-)


Sounds amazing. Sniff, sniff I was supposed to go but my constuction wasn't done in time. I have to be there when they're putting in the backsplash and other various and sundries! You have some amazing plans. Enjoy each moment and take a lot of photos to share with us! :)


YAY! I want to go, but I am planning on going to winter CHA!


woo hoo I get to meet you IRL, I can't wait :)


I am so excited about meeting you too!!! =) The cameras will be going off like mad...

as for slumber parties- what's not to love? chocolate, movies, friends... timeless I tell you! =)

alecia grimm

wooo hoo!! I can't wait for Chicago either. I am so happy that you are going to get your girlfriend time. :-)


You go and have a wonderful time as you so deserve it kiddo.


Barb Hogan

I've been SO stressed getting ready for this show that I really don't want to go....EXCEPT I know that my friend KELLY will be there and we finally get to meet up face to face. I swear, meeting you keeps me going. You're my motivation and my inspiration!

Teresa Wilkins

Hey Kelly. I'll be at CHA too! Spending lots of $$$$$$ for Scrapbook Creations.
Hope to see you there.

scott cotner-young

AND ME!! You get to meet PEAMALE!!! That will surely be the highlight of the whole trip!! :) Heheh...


just think of me while I'm sitting here bored at work missing all of you!


sounds like your going to have a blast!

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