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Sharyn (Torm)

hey! I was in my pj's too...remember! lol and LOL at me being shy and reserved, not too many people believe that about me, but yes...totally. I'm very quiet in real life. ;)

Jennifer Lynn

Those are some incredible photos girl!


Wonderful! I'm glad you had a good trip!

robyn bedsaul

Kelly, I absolutely LOVED your recount of CHA. Your words just EXUDE the great time and the enthusiasm and LOVE you have for your friends. Made me TINGLY and I mean it! :D I wish I'd have been there!


hey babe...thanks for the kudos. and the cookies. and for getting it. SMOOCH!


Sounds like you had a wonderful, wonderful time! The kids had a great time at Navy Pier last year . . .and I had to laugh at the pier pictures, I have the first 2 shots you posted as well. Now thinking I should've taken a pic of the sign.


So glad you had a great time. I think your pictures turned out great!! Have a great day!!

Wendy Malichio

Hi Kelly! It was so great to meet you and I knew I'd love reading about your CHA trip! Thanks again for the CHA I owe you one!
Wendy Malichio

Teresa Wilkins

I missed meeting up with you at CHA! We were so busy Friday and Saturday ordering cool stuff for the store that I didn't have much time for fun. Catch ya next time.


Kelly you rock. Every minute with you was treasured dear friend.

You are way too kind. and even better in person than I could have ever imagined. I'm thinkin' I should have stuck with you Saturday night since I didn't get sleep anyways! Oh well, next time. =)


So envious! Your voice sounds like you've come back recharged!

Stephanie Homburg

I am so happy to have finally FINALLY met you. And now so sad that we live so far away :(

Stephanie Homburg

I am so happy to have finally FINALLY met you. And now so sad that we live so far away :(


*sigh* I actually had one of the best weeks of my life, too, even though it meant missing CHA. Envious I wasn't there, Kelly, but SO SO SO very happy for you that you had such a great time!!!! I'm sitting here smiling just thinking about what fun you must have had!


Your whole weekend sounds awesome. I'm so glad you got to have so much fun... you sound refreshed and revitalized. It really makes my heart happy to hear your energy and enthusiasm, Kel.

Welcome home!


I love you.
I just do.


Looks and sounds amazing! So glad you had the time of your life! You deserved it!!!

Janet Ohlson

Oh, ROCK ON...can I steal those last four photos since I Was a dork and left my camera in the van????

Anxiously awaiting the next installment!!!

Jennifer Lynn

It was SO fun to get to meet up with you on Thursday night (and again when we kept bumping into you guys on Friday!). It was fabulous to talk with you and I have a *hunch* I might be seeing you at the next CHA too. ;-)

cheryl mezzetti

Kelly you are the kindest, sweetest person. Thank you for all the laughs girl! And you are the cutest too!


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