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I love your decor...awesome indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Cindy Lee

I love your decorations! we had a fun day, very relaxing and stress free, just like you like! hope yours was the same! hugs, Cindy Lee


What a great tradition! Beautiful runner. I hope you had a wonderful 4th!


How pretty! I use to decorate more seasonal and around certain holidays, but not so much recently. Don't know why. Maybe I need to start again!


Love your decor. Looks fabulous. Happy Celebrations Today!

robyn bedsaul(twinsplus1)

Kelly, I LOVE your 4th goodies! So patriotic and obviously important to your kiddo's too! That so cool! Neat tradition!


I've got one child laying on the couch today absolutely green around the gills. She throws up about every thirty minutes. I guess we won't be barbequing today...

Love your table runner... I never got my 4th of July decor out this year. I guess I'll go do that now!

Have a super holiday, Kel.


Absolutely BEAUTIFUL post! Thanks!


I have a friend who decorates this little tree in her entry way for every holiday. We all look forward to seeing it. I love traditions! Happy 4th!!! Remember, NO STRESS. Becky


What a great tradition, Kelly! I love what you've done with your kitchen to celebrate this important occassion. Very patriotic and heart-warming, indeed.

Happy 4th!


Have a wonderful and blessed 4th.


traditions are always fun, and I think your decor is very cute and festive :) have a great 4th!

Wendy Reed

Kelly... you totally rock! I don't decorate for the 4th and we don't do much for that matter... Yeah, we are kind of lame! LOL

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