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sounds like you had a super fun time


I had to laugh at this one! Being a Scrapbook Manufacturer for 7 years and doing the shows week after week you get tired of seeing scrapbook stuff.

But I remember those days when you just wanted to shop! I could hardly close my suitcase sometimes or I would ship it home with things from the show.

I'll be in Atlanta for the SB Expo and can't wait since I sold my business and havent been to a show in several months. And I will have plenty of time since I will be training in the new owners and don't have to sit and do demo after demo!

Enjoy all those goodies of yours!

Amy Sorensen

Kelly, I'm so happy for you that all went well...if the only "disaster" was a big Visa bill, that's OK!


Surely you aren't suggesting you would have actually cropped at the crop, had you been able? 'Cause we know you aren't that kind of girl. ;) Sounds like a productive weekend all around, Kelly!


I am so disappointed we did not cross paths this weekend, Kelly. I would have loved the opportunity to meet you again. I have to tell you though that I completely relate to this entry in terms of shopping. I got home pretty late last night and I had to force myself to go to bed rather than staying up late to play with my new toys. I certainly did my fair share of shopping and it was fun discovering new goodies.

Glad to hear you enjoyed your role as hostess at the crop.

Janet Ohlson

No photos of the loot? COME ON NOW...we need to see it!


Kind of like being featured storyteller at a storytelling festival that runs in conjunction with an art festival, in which all earnings are spent on the cool art? Like that? ;)

The artists of Clear Lake Iowa are probably pretty happy I was featured that year! I hear ya!


By all means, please post those fabulous layouts when you get them completed. We all want to see the fun, too!


You are so funny. I am so glad that you had so much fun and enjoyed GASC. Just think of the new supplies as a professional investment in your cropping future. ;)


Don't beat yourself up too much! I'm sure you'll be asked to hostess again. I have never been to a big crop like the one you describe sounds like a blast!

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