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I know how frustrating it can be when your mojo goes MIA. I hoope that it will return soon.

I was really rooting for Chris on AI this season, but now that he isn't there, I'm hoping that Taylor wins. Go Taylor!

Donna M.

I rarely vote, but Ispent over an hour and half with speed dial calling from the east coast and could get through only once! Go Taylor!


GO TAYLOR!!! I too dialed and dialed and dialed. Only got through 2 times. Crazy. Seriously hope he wins. SERIOUSLY.

Glad you had such a great day. Makes me sad I couldn't be here emailing with you... I was at the eye doctor this morning and my eyes are still so dilated I can hardly see to type. But I'm here reading your blog. See how my priorities are? LOL!

Love you, friend.


After your last email I was a little worried! It's a crazy time of year.
I predict your mojo will return soon!

cheryl mezzetti

Hugs to you. I have truly enjoyed your emails so much. I dilike it when my mojo takes a vacation...but it will pass and I will pray it is soon.
Go Taylor!


Be patient with your mojo - or try another craft. That's what I do. if I don't want to SB, I sew or paint. Or do nothing. It does eventually return. I did my first layout in two months the other day. So glad! Keep your chin up my dear. We're all here for you. XXOO


I so enjoy our friendship, even if you don't hit "send" LOL..take care! Know that I am thinking of you and keeping you in my prayers.


Omg, you're in the soul patrol aren't ya?

Barb Hogan

Love ya Kel! This too shall pass. Come on over and we'll do lunch :-)
Big hugs to you!

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