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If it is about teenagers, let me know if I can help. I have probably heard about it, seen it, done it, or lived through it. :) hugs

shawn b

You are one of the strongest, amazing, wisest and most endearing persons I know. (heck I can't even spell correctly without spell check anymore! LOL) God gives you only what you can handle they say...sometimes I know I feel like I'm busting loose...Deep breaths and you will get through. Huge hugs! We think of you all often. Carleigh and Shawn

Stephanie Homburg

Kelly, my hugs and prayers and strong thoughts are with you. You are so amazingly strong, stronger than you know, and strong enough to know to go to God when things get nutty...

Thinking of yuou


I'm thinking of you and hoping you get through the latest crises in your part of the world. We too are hoping to survive our series of unfortunate and unpredictable melt-downs, tantrums, fits of rage and whatnot. *sigh*

cheryl mezzetti

Oh no...that is so horrible. Yep i am big fan of getting on my knees. I cannot do it myself I confess...usually i just mess it up. I love your blog - found it when i posted on the two peas post.



Sorry you're having a hard go of it...hang in there!

Janet Ohlson

Now i'm we need to talk? You know where I am! HUGS!


Manual-Schmanual. You're on your knees, which is exactly what the manual would say.

Love you, Kel. Praying with you.


Hang in there!! You are in my thoughts!


{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} Hang in there Kelly. Thinking of you.


(((HUGS))) Kelly. And good thoughts coming your way...


I was worried about you. There is no manual I`m sorry to say. The reason for that is every kid is different and has to be treated as such. My oldest will be leaving in 9 weeks for college. One day I can cry looking at 5 year olds playing soccer, the next I`m not even going to slow down when I drop him off. This count down is the worst. Aug, my oldest goes to college, Sep, my baby drives. Milestones should never be close together, people don`t understand you. This will pass, pray for strengh. Becky

Barb Hogan

I'm counting on you to live through all of this Kelly, so that you can help ME when I get there. Love ya. Hang in there!


I was hoping you were ok! I think you're going to write the manual for the rest of definitely doesn't exist yet (unfortunately)...Let me know if I can do anything!


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