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Linda A. (elendae)

Love your post - so very, very true! ((take a look at the name of my blog - I'm in the process of finding my bliss every day!)) Wishing you success and happiness on your journey.


I have had these feelings before too...about finding bliss. I think it is ever-elusive and if we're lucky, we experience it at some point in our lives. I think many people, venture I say MOST people, never truly experience it. As I walk on the beach at 7:30 am, knowing I am where I want to be...that is the tiny slice of bliss that I don't experience often. But I know what it is to be filled with love of where I am at THAT INSTANT. It's all I can ask for.


I have this conversation with myself every few years, because my bliss changes contantly.
I'll share with you a link to a speech Steve Jobs gave at Stanford University in June 2005. I read this constantly. I find it so inspiring when I feel like Im struggling with finding my bliss. Maybe you'll enjoy it too.
Hoping your doing well!

cheryl mezzetti

Wow kelly this really hit home for me!
Thank you

chris jenkins

i think what we learned in kindergarten is a good foundation on which to build before we head out into the world and embark on the journey toward bliss!

great entry today!


Hi Kelly! I just wanted to stop by and see how you're doing! Good luck withh the bliss. :)


What an awesome post! And you are so right!


((HUGS)) I loved this post so much. It really speaks to me. I think one key I am figuring out is this: you have to constantly move with your bliss. It changes shape and form throughout life, but it is always there if you are looking in the right place. I know I am working on re-finding mine (again). =)

Much love!

Renee (momto2)

I so hope you find bliss again. Having experienced life both with and without it, I can definately attest to the fact that with is a whole lot better. That said, I also know that we need the times without bliss to truly appreciate those times when we have found it.


Kelly, as always, I love this post. I need to try coloring outside the lines!


What an inspiring post, Kelly. You are so insightful, and you've tied it all up in a neat little package with this post. Thank you for sharing. No, really. I mean it. Thank you. And I will have to scrap a little something to remind myself of those wise words... to colour (sorry, I spell it with a "u") outside the lines.

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