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I read this post last night, downloaded the free kit and created a layout and new banner for my blog too. Thanks so much. Also, I love that site and what she has to offer. I will definately be doing some shopping there...thanks again!


Okay, so I just said, "Hey! When did Kelly get a new banner!?" I love it. I love that it's digital too! I have such high aspirations when it comes to digi scrapping. I just don't even know where to begin! Let me know how it goes...I would LOVE to try my hand at it.


Love the banner and LO! you are MUCH braver than I am! LOL


You did a great job on your banner and LO! I'm taking that class too and can't wait to get started.



You hit it on the nose, Kelly. Scrapbooking makes me happy too. And I couldn't agree more about the friendships and learning new techniques.

I hope you share your progress with Renee Pearson's class. I'm still a little intimidated by digital scrapbooking, but do want to learn more.

Good luck and happy digital scrapbooking!!


Love books with workbooks. It gives me some place to apply what I have just learned. I keep looking at that Digi class. I am still on the fence I want to learn I am just not sure I have time right now. You did great with your first LO. Have a great day!

Jennifer Lynn

I am VERY glad you liked the book and you are too sweet! :-) Isn't that workbook too fun? I have to give shouts out to the whole Pinecone staff who sat around and helped brainstorm all those questions (and played guinea pig filling them out to make sure they would really be workable for the average person). The book was SOOOO fun to do and was a great introduction to the "inside" part of publication and how a book gets put together from top to toe - it was so much different than I imagined it was. Anyhow... I'm really glad you liked it!


Hey there Kelly- I signed up for the class at Big Picture a few weeks ago...I did one digital layout and want to try some more! Thanks for the freebee link.
I finally bought the Love your Handwriting book and have been debating about whether to write in it or not :)

On a complete other note- I was sucked in at Target tonight. DH and I took Cassie to go look for a pair of shoes and went home with 3 pairs (she wanted to buy about 10- I think I have a shopper here), a pair of white "dressy" gloves, another dress, cute pink boots for mucking around in the garden (ok, well, in the weeds, but you get the idea), etc, etc, etc! Sadly, nothing for me because I was busy chasing her!

I'm on spring break after school tomorrow! Glad we got decent weather finally!


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