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LOVE the dorm theme! totally fab picture! what a hoot it must be! =0)

Nancy Nally (ScrapNancy)

Oh, I totally wish I was there with you guys! Hope you come home with plenty more pictures! Give all my girls hugs for me, will you kelly? (and one for yourself too!)

Karen Carter

Look at you girls having all kinds of fun without me!!! Geesh! : )
Sure glad you all had a great time and that you got to spend some time together IRL.


Can you see I'm GREEN with jealousy??? I am glad you are having such a good time! Give those awesome girls a hug for me!!!


Ya'll are SO cute. SO CUTE!!!

Fun fun fun.


HOW FUN!!! I wish I was there!!!!!


Oh how fun, wish I was there too!!!


So cute!


love the picture

Janet Ohlson

That turned out nice! Did all the balls make it onto the tree?

Nikki Weber

How fun is that. Wish I could have made it for Chicago. I am hoping to get to Boston in August instead. Lovin' the dorm theme, TOO CUTE!!

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