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Nancy Nally (ScrapNancy)

Got teary reading this Kelly. As you know, I can relate to John's battle myself although mine didn't start until I was 18. And I can relate to your role as a mother fighting for her child because I've just been handed that role for Bridget, unfortunately. Thanks for baring your soul on this topic and sharing some powerful thoughts that it helped to hear.


You are a strong momma! I've lived through 33 years of needles (since I've also been immuno-compromised since I was a baby) and to this day, the needles hurt my mom more than they hurt me. You are raising amazing kids... what an awesome accomplishment!


Wow, Kelly! It sounds like you have a pretty amazing boy! Much of what you've written reflects what's been going on in my own mind... about having a child with unique challenges... and how he sees the positive in the situation... and what an amazing kid he really is. I can sense the pride in your heart as you wrote this entry. Thank you for sharing.


Kelly, you have no idea how much I needed to read this tonight. I am struggling so much right now. Thank you!


I am learning what it is like to have a child with an illness that requires regular test dates and to say the least, it is un-nerving for me. You are such a Rock and Motivational as a person and a mom. I hope that I to am able to be the kind of mom that you have become in this "health battle" for your son. Thanks for sharing this with us today, as I really needed to hear this.
Warmest Regards,


What a great perspective for you as a mom and even more so for your son! You have terrific kids Kelly, but I wouldn't expect anything differently from you! My oldest daughter was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes as a result of an auto-immune deficiency which runs in our family. Her strength in dealing with this has always amazed me, just as I know your son's does you. Thanks for sharing this with us in your always beautiful way!

Jennifer Wellborn


My son also has a compromised immune system due to developing aplastic anemia when he was two. We go through a lot of what you have described... blood tests, fear of illnesses (for my son a cold can be pneumonia and kill him) etc. Hugs... my heart is there with you and John! It is so hard to know your child faces medical dangers even though he looks perfectly healthy, but it is so helpful to see the blessings and lessons that come with it, especially when you know this is something they will face for the rest of their lives.

Haven't they ever given John Emla cream to put on the draw site before they get his blood? My son's oncologist writes a prescription for it that we fill when we run out. You put the cream on the draw site about 30 minutes before the bloodwork is done, and instead of pain you only feel pressure. I used it when I knew I was going in and having IVs put in. It is the best stuff. They have even used it to help numb Chet's hip area when he has marrow aspirations done. Nobody should have to feel pain when it can be avoided.

I loved your post... hope John enjoyed his ice cream.. :0)


This entry gave me goosebumps, Kelly. "Focus on the ice cream" -- wow. I need to do more of that!!



Love this story. It's so neat to hear about good parents and good kids growing and learning and developing relationships and character and memories. I love that you've been able to take testing days and make them such a good thing for the two of you... it's so sweet.

I focus on ice cream every day, but for me that's not such a good thing. LOL!


This entry gave me goosebumps, Kelly. "Focus on the ice cream" -- wow. I need to do more of that!!


Wendy (Wishin4MoreTime)

Fab journaling! You are a great MOM!

corinne delis

you are the best mom ever! love your journaling! great blog too!


Janet O

I should put you in touch with my friend Vicki. Her 8 y/o and 3 y/os were just diagnosed last year with immune deficiencies, and the 3 y/o's is very serious. She is naturally freaking out. Kudos to you for being, again, such a great mom!

Barb H.

What a great entry today Kelly. You inspire me to be a better person every day! Here's another euphamism for you....God Doesn't Give Us Any More Than We Can Handle. I don't know if I always agree with that, but I think in this case, it's true! I'm glad that John is healthy and feeling well, that's great. Have a great day and enjoy your ice cream!

sherry steveson

There's nothing like special moments with your teenage son to build a lifetime of closeness. I didn't realize that John was challenged with that type of illness. What an incredibly strong young man he must be to deal with that daily. I love how you always see the character building aspects of every situation. Your children sound so special and wonderful.

Linda J

Wonderful blog entry Kelly. Thank you for sharing so much of your feelings of your children and your life. I have never been able to do that well, and your Blog entries have been teaching me. Your writing style always makes me feel that I am sitting in a room with you, listening to you, knowing that I will hear honesty whatever the topic may be.


Kelly, this is beautifully written, and really resonated with me. Austin had Kawasaki's Disease when he was a baby, and the same treatment that made him better also compromised his immune system. I remember the constant worry, and the repetition of tests. Thankfully, we're on the other side of it. As goofy as this sounds, I'm so proud of the way you and John have handled this situation. (((BIG HUGS))) to both of you.


You know what Kelly? . . . I'm thinking of what John said today and what Alyssa said last week (with all the car running around), that (1) you've got some terrific kids and a great relationship with them (yeah Mom!) and (2) I gotta think that God knew you needed these words from them right now, and he blessed you with them . . .KWIM? (Yeah God!)

The relationships you have with your kids are so wonderful to "watch".

Jennifer Stewart

I am so blessed that you are my friend. Your writing is amazing and something I always look forward to reading. You are so inspiring to me as a Mom.


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