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Wow! THat's just too cool that you actually know someone who won something like that!


I've seen the commercial and wondered if it was true because you never hear how a contest ends. Yep it's good to hear that good things like this really happen.


I remember seeing that contest in the ads . . .and thought of what we would do with 12 cars! I figured, if I won, I won . . I would've been like Mrs. Gould. We use a Mastercard regularly, and I would've been surprised to get that package too!

Good plan for them to sell several for taxes. Tehehe .. . secretly hoping Alyssa would get one! But know that's probably not gonna happen.

Wow for Mrs. Gould . . .so glad to hear when things like this happen to good people!


We are a one car family and at first I thought, "How cool!" But then I thought "How much are the taxes on 12 cars??" Yikes!


Kelly! That is SOOO cool!!! I literally said, "WHAT?!" outloud when I read this. What a great story.


Wow, that is so cool! What a fantastic prize! Mrs. Gould sounds like a wonderful teacher. :)

Btw Kelly, your writing is absolutely delightful to read. Thank you for sharing little snippets of your life with us!

Barb H.

That is SO COOL! We were tempted to get a MasterCard just so that we could enter that contest. Andy and I had a fun conversation about what we would do if we won a dozen new cars. Oh the possibilities! Tell Alyssa that if I had one, I'd give both of you a car ;-) What a nice story. My favorite high school teacher was my biology teacher. We still email each other!

Nancy Nally (ScrapNancy)

WOW! What a prize! How exciting for them!

pr31wb /steph

Wow! How cool is it to win a contest you didn't know you entered? Sounds like the kind of family that deserves to be blessed.


What a cool story!! 12 cars that is a bit overwhelming but still very cool!


WOW!! That's a very Oprah moment, huh? How exciting for them!! I'm curious to know what kind of cars, too. Is there a local agency that they could donate one to?

Amy Sorensen

Holy cow...what a great story! Congrats to Mrs. Gould, you KNOW I think she deserves it!!!


Twelve cars???? That's crazy! Why couldn't they give twelve cars away to twelve people?

That was such a good story, you always have the best stories! Wouldn't it have been funny if Alyssa ended up with a car too - how many kids get cars before they even have their license huh? Very cool that her teacher won this! You didn't mention what kind of cars they are though - were they all the same?

sherry steveson

WHOA.. you always wonder.. who wins those contests... and now you KNOW a winner, eh? That
DOES seem a little excessive... do they get to PICK out the cars they want or do they give them certain ones? hmmmm... make mine a BMW< please! LOL


Good grief!!! Twelve??? I thought I knew lucky people... I knew a guy who won a BMW once and a girl who won two cars on The Price is Right, but twelve cars??? That's incredible. That's hopefully more cars than I will own in my whole lifetime!

How fun is that? Wouldn't it be great if we could win HOF without knowing we entered? LOL!

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