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Jennifer Stewart


I'm sorry I'm so late commenting on this post. This is probably my favorite entry you've ever written. I remember when you left your "gig" that you KNEW you'd be getting to do things with your kids that you'd missed out on the past year. And now that has shown itself in such a very emotional, almost tangible way. What a wonderful moment with your daughter and such a reminder that some things can wait. Our children can't. :) You are precious.



As long as you keep being there for your kids, they will always want to include you in their lives. My best friends mom in highschool was the one that we would all sit around with and tell her about our 'dramas' for the day. She would always sit patiently and listen and offer advice, even if we were completely boring her. She took the time to let us know she was interested in being involved in our lives and for that we welcomed her. We shared stories and information that we didn't even tell our own parents, but we trusted her. It seems like you do this for your kids and as they get older they will appreciate you and embrace your being there.


Your blog is so wonderful and heart-felt and a reflection of what many of us feel but are unable to put into words.
Your daughter sounds like a wonderful human being. You are very lucky to have made such a great contribution to the world.
Angie - the Happy Period Cupcake.


Wow, Kelly... I have goosebumps all over and tears in my eyes. That was beautiful. Your dd sounds like very sensitive and wise for her age. That alone tells me that you are a wonderful mom. Thank you for sharing that heart-warming story.


Kelly, You made my day with this post. Thank you!

Steph (karlslove)

layout anyone??? This is great Kelly

Nancy Nally (ScrapNancy)

Great kid you've got must be doing something right with all that mothering you are sneaking in when they aren't noticing! ((hugs))


{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} what an awesome moment!! What a blessing to have such a great relationship with your daughter! My mom and I didnt get that until I was in college!! What a tender moment!!


My gosh. This is the single best blog post I have ever read. EVER. I am totally sobbing over here, what an amazingly beautiful story. I am so touched after reading this - you have such an amazing daughter Kelly. Wow. Just wow.

shawn b

God love her! I wish that Carleigh was half that smart and appreciative. Perhaps one day she'll see all that was sacrificed for her and brothers. Kudos to you for raising such a beautiful smartie. Hugs to you both. Miss you.


Kelly, I love you! You have put into words exactly how I've felt all year long. I have not taught a class since exams ended in December - it's been almost a year and I still feel this exact same way. So, thank YOU for writing this! And, man, about Alyssa - she's simply the best, Kelly. You have done sooooooooo good!!!!!!


A "Wonderful Moment". Shared and Documented so as not to be forgotten.

Becky Thompson

Kelly..Alyssa is the way she is because of you. Because she has the example of a mom who loves and appreciates her. Congratulations to you...ya done good. :)

Oh and I think you need to start passing out tissue warnings with your blog entries, girl! ;)

Jennifer Wellborn

This is a very touching post, Kelly. I really don't want to get on my plane today now. Alyssa sounds like a great kid.

Becky (mommaduck)

I'm all teary eyed, Kelly! What a heartfelt post. Remind me to come to you for advice when my kids are teens :)...I can tell that you parent with grace and wisdom! I'm so glad you got to hear your daughter's encouraging words. Too often those words go unspoken!


It's so hard to give up what you did before being a SAHM. I went through a year long depression after I had Allie, and I'm sure it's because I went from 1 to 2 kids, and I'd lost most of my adult interaction, now that i was home full time. It's so hard to figure out where that "real you" is when what you're doing is running kids around, feeding them, cleaning, etc all the time. ((((((Kelly))))))

I love that Alyssa gets that . . .that she has acknowledged what you gave up to enjoy those moments more. That being with Alyssa and John is what you wanted to do. That's totally awesome that she "gets it".

sherry steveson

WOULD YOU PLEASE put a disclaimer on your blog when I need to be prepared with tissue in hand. OH MY GOSH>> that has to be the BEST story ever. You are SOO where you are supposed to be. I say this EVERY day too. Thanks for the reminder


It's amazing how our children, no matter how old they are, can bring us out of something, into something, make us feel wanted, needed, no matter what. Thank YOU for this wonderful post.


That is so awesome Kelly! I can't imagine how you must how felt letting go of that job but those 2 words...well they must have meant more than any paycheck or gratification you ever got at work. Have a great day!

Debi D

How wonderful when we get to reap some of the fruit of our choices, especially so when it comes from those we've invested in the most ...It touches my heart that Alyssa appreciates you and lets you know how much your life has blessed hers. As far as the restlessness, transition, etc...oh, how I can relate. I never enjoy these stages of waiting and obscurity, but WOW, it's worth it, huh? As always, thanks for sharing and inspiring me.

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