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Wendy (Wishin4MoreTime)

Boy I wish I could write like you!!


Keep up the good work! I am routing for you!

Nic Howard

I think you have just prepared me for teenagehood all in that one post. body flops? OMG! I can just see my brother doing those!!! funny!

So there is more than was in that post? no, please, tell me it was all there and I have learnt it all? lol



Great piece of writing, Kelly!

Steph (karlslove)

see all of that tivoing is coming in handy :)


What? Your children aren't perfect? LOL!!!

Love the visual of the body flops and the hair flips. I SO remember doing that. And I'm starting to see some of that from my older two. I got a dirty look just this morning from my sweet daughter. All I did was ask her to brush her hair. Honestly!

I'm amazed at how you played it out and ended up with cheesecake. You should go on the real Survivor, chickie - you'd make it to the final four for sure!


You rock girl. Love the Survivor reference!


Great entry Kelly! And you got a cheesecake out of the deal, not bad!

Debi D

Can you believe it...right in the middle of reading your entry I was called into the other room and had to play a little survivor myself...
Guess what? I outplayed by employing stategy #1--not letting the little things get to you.....thanks for the tips!


Too funny! Glad you made it through the day!

tracy whitney

Love your Survivor analogy. I hear ya with the teen/kid saga. It is a daily battle in my home just to keep my head above water it seems sometimes. I need an immunity necklace! Now you've got me kids work from a weekly chore chart posted on the fridge. I wonder if I can tie in a "Survivor theme?" It's my family's fav. show (we have 3 daughters). I'll have to give this some thought...


oohhhh....i know the teenage tantrums too well!! good luck with those :)


Great analogy, Kell. I'm chuckling at the fact that you are now the proud owner of a $60 yo $75 atom!


sherry steveson

HOW is it possible that I didn't read your entry before posting MINE and we were on the same wavelength today! GIRL!!!! That's spooky! lol.... love to hear your kids are human and normal. I was begining to wonder! teeehee

Barb H.

Love the Survivor analogies ~ hang in there Kelly!


Loved reading this b/c I am shaking my head in agreement. Hope doesn't have these days often, but when she does...oh boy. Or oh girl. Whatever. What I want to know is - was the cheesecake part of your reward challenge?


You played that game well today, Kelly! taking notes as usual . . . have I mentioned that we all laugh around here that Ian at 9 yrs. has "become a teenager". He's already trying to cop a 'tude and even has started the pimple thing! EEK . . . next thing I know he'll want a cell phone, and I'll be starting to live your life!

Guess I need to start watching Survivor, so I understand all the intricacies, huh?


girl, you watch too much reality tv! ROTFLOL!!! this is another beauty kelly.

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