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Far as I know, we have no actual politians running for office this year. Just propositions . . . and only one of those is causing any hub-bub. EVERYONE is pushing for votes on it . . . democrats and republicans, preachers, friends, etc.

I gotta figure out where I vote this year. Last year, I voted early at the hospital. Some years we vote at the school (which they don't close down . .. they just close down the library for the day). Some years it's some place I've never heard of. ROFL

Nancy Nally (ScrapNancy)

Oh, I've felt this way for a LONG time...I initially wanted to go into government and politics when I went to college and was an International Relations major at Michigan State. After three years of that I looked around and realized that I didn't want to spend the rest of my career in that environment and with those people. It made me nauseous. When I married Mike I changed schools and got a BA in Communications instead.


I dont have anything to write but I enjoyed reading your blog (as I always do :)... I always look forward to it! :) Hugs!

Debi D

Preach it sistah!!! Oh how right your are....
Debi D


Oh Kelly I hear you. I can't imagine what it's like to live in the thick of it, but we live just outside our state capitol, and (to a much less extent) it's all over the place. Being the wife of a firefighter there are politics everyday in this house. (sigh) I don't like sneaky, icky politicians. I don't trust them, and it makes me sad.

Love this post and I am glad you vented!!!

Cindy Lee

I've been thinking allot about this very subject lately and since I face every situation spiritually I turned to my Bible. This scriptures pretty much sums it up for me: "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land."
(2 Chronicles 7:14)

What especially jumped out at me was "If my people" - God didn't say ALL my people, he just said MY people, that's me, you and any other God loving person on earth, so if we would just "humble ourselves, pray and seek His face" I believe we would see miracles occur beyond our wildest imaginations.

love ya, Cindy Lee


Thanks for your honesty, Kelly! I've always found elections fascinating (and have always voted - -remind to send you the layout I did on the topic), but I am troubled by a lot of the mess-making that I have seen on both sides of the border. Did you see that episode of West Wing last year where the children's delegation came to the White House to ask for voting rights? They made some compelling arguments. Our voting happens in the local friendship centre (hard to explain) because it's got a large gymnasium. Seems odd to me too that the schools are closed; when I helped out with an election a few years ago, the voting for our neigbhourhood was in a school gym, but I don't remember classes being cancelled.... As Barb said, we will be going to the polls soon too -- the prime minister has promised to call an election as soon as the judge who's been looking into a major scandal submits his report. And like you, I don't who in good conscience to vote for. I tend to vote local because it's a "hold your nose" situation with all the major parties. (There may be one or two more running, but they're not going to do anything major in the polls....) We live in a very remote area, and the current Member of Parliament has been very active and doing some good things, but I don't agree with some of his views and he is also in the Opposition, which weakens him. But the Opposition may get into power.... Then again, the candidate for the governing party is a VERY smart, progressive man of First Nations heritage, and I've heard rumours that if the government somehow gets back in and he's elected, he could be the new minister of Indian Affairs -- first time ever that that post would be held by an aboriginal person, and first time that our region would have a cabinet minister (similar to a secretary in the U.S. gov't, I understand). I won't be voting for the 3rd party candidate, because I disagree with her personally on too many issues and would rather not have to interview her for news articles. (Is that bad reasoning??) Sigh. Anyhow, good post. Love learning more about you, rant or not. :)



Kelly, Like many, I could probably have written much of the same rant. I know there are folks who truly are honest in politics, mostly at the local level. The ones with greater aspirations don't move on, because let's face it, it IS about power. It's truly the conundrum of freedom, I think, and careful reads of history will tell us it's been this way all along. I guess that, like you, I vote out of hope. It's really, at the core, all any of us really have, anyway. Thanks for your rant!


AMEN AND BOY HOWDY!!! After the big revote fiasco up her in Washington last election, I am really, really sour on the whole politics thing. I hate the campaign tactics they use now adays. It's all about getting their names out there, not about the issues, or what they can do for us. Grr... If only the whole world could be run like the church is, with people 'called' to positions of authority. Ah well.
I don't get why your kids have to miss school, though. Here voting takes place in the activity room at the school, but the kids still attend. I vote at the local fire station. Oh wait... that was my old house. Do I have to update my voter registration info to be able to vote in my new presinct??


checked out your blog for the 1st time
1. love the orange:) Orange is my new fave "neutral" color
2. i adore DC...probably because i only visit it
3. i adore to watch it...probably because it isn't all over me
4. if you lived in the very red state of ga....not a lot of campaigning goes on here
the city of atlanta races...yes...but i don't live in the city
hardly any national campaigns spend very much money in my red red red area of the state
i kinda miss it...buuuuut, your entry made me ralize that it is probably a good thing:)
5. you are an excellent writer...i can't wait to come back and see what you write about next!

Steph (karlslove)

I so understand where you're coming from. In my past life, one of the shows I produced was a political roundtable. I found that while I could get along well with the candidates, I always took issue with their "people" because they were slimy, and dishonest.

My personal belief is I want to vote for someone because of what they can do, not because their opponent kills cats or something. I'm very antinegative advertising

sherry steveson

Kelly, I actually DID a layout in my HOF entry on voting... go to my gallery to check it out.
I agree with you... there has always been a shady nature to politics but it seems to be downright scummy now.
I love that you are politically informed... just another reason I am so proud to call you a friend.

Barb H.

Oh I could NOT agree more. I'm so sick and tired of having to hold my nose when I vote. I hate them all.


Kelly, AMEN! We are in the midst of a very naster gubernatorial race here, and I've seen almost NOTHING but negative ads and smear campaigns. Ugh, it's atrocious. You said it very eloquently!


Oh Kelly, much of what you say could apply to the political situation here in Canada. My husband and I were talking last night about the very same thing... how the current governing party can't be let off the hook for the scandal involving the fomer Prime Minister's government (same party), but how the alternatives are not really viable options either (ranging from homophobic, anti-immigration, ultra-right-wing to fiscally irresponsible, socially idealistic left-wing). *sigh* Looks like we will be going to the polls in the very near future too...

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