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wow. this was so good to read. isn't it amazing that the lord knows everything that we need? even when we feel like we're given more than we can handle, he slips us a float every now and then to pull us back above water.

this was so well written. you're great about getting your feelings across. :)

Cindy Lee

Knowing that God used me to touch your heart blesses my socks off - thanks so much for sharing this! What beautiful writing and I totally agree there are no coincidences! God is Good ALL THE TIME!! Love and hugs!


I'm glad God could use me in the way He did. He truly shows us that (1) he will help us in our times of trouble, and (2) that he'll give us so many miracles, if we'll just pay attention! Gives me warm fuzzies to know that our email conversations led to a good night's sleep for you.

I'm doing a Bible study right now where that's one of the daily "assignments" . . .writing down all the ways God touched your life that day . . .how you stopped and noticed God. It really is amazing.


Good friends are awesome! I hope things start to fall into place soon!


hang in there, girl.. and let life work it's ways. =)


Kelly, my friend, you have been in my thoughts even though we haven't had a chance to talk. Hope things look up for you soon. (((hugs)))

Wendy (Wishin4MoreTime)

Your blog just impresses me more each time I read it. You are a fabulous writer!


After counting all of your blessings, please remember that you too, are a blessing. A blessing to your readers (cough-me, your blogging buddy) and that you are never alone.

Sending you some good vibes.


tracy whitney

Such a truth...there is no such thing as a coincidence, but a GODincidence. Friends are a blessing.


IT's funny sometimes how a good friend just knows. knows when you need that phone call, e-mail, letter in the mail, pick-me up card, and how luck you are that you are indeed blessed with these friends.


Oh my gosh...stupid typo. KELLY sorry about mis-typing your name. I know better! (insert embarassed face). I wish Typepad had an edit comments feature sometimes!


Miracles come in all forms. Sometimes the best form of all is that of a good friend.

Love what you wrote today, Kelli, as always.


Kelly I do believe that there are all kinds of miracles. Big and small. Hugs and much love to you. I was actually going to e-mail you this AM and decided to check your blog first.


Perhaps you are correct when you say maybe there's no such thing as a coincidence, but you are completely right when you say that these people in your life are small miracles. I am a firm believer in that everything happens for a reason. For whatever reason, your friends emailed you out of the blue, at a time when you needed it most...that is certainly a blessing.

And I do believe that God will never give us more than we can handle.

I hope you start to feel better, your writing about feelings of inadequacies make me sad because I think you are an amazingly adequate woman.


Love you, Kell! I hope you find what you need to get past this! We're always here for you until (and when) you do.

Teresa Wilkins

Friends are fantastic. I am so glad you are mine. Keep your spirits high.
Love, Teresa


They sound like the type of friends you can count on when you need them, even if you do not put out an SOS. And that is amazing. Tender mercies are to be treasured and you've done a fabulous job expressing your gratitude.

Jennifer Stewart

Coincidences don't exist. :) You are a blessing to me and I'm honored to know that I played a part in God's working in your life. I love you!


sherry steveson

Beautifully written as usual. I wish there was more I could do for you. YOU KNOW that if you need ANYTHING.. I do mean ANYTHING> I'm here for you.
I'm so grateful that the Lord is looking out for you and you recognize His hand in your life.


a wonderful post Kelly - it is so true Heavenly Father steps in and gives when needed - he sends us answers to our prayers and knows when we are burdened and need a little help carrying those burdens - thank you for sharing all the sweet examples of this - Heavenly Father's timing is perfect and I think he shows HE is there for us through those tender mercies which you were given


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