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I've been out of town and just found time to sit down and catch up on your blog, Kel.

What a great list. I totally have to steal this idea sometime.

Love ya, friend!


Fantastic. Love the list. =)

Cindy Lee

WELL you definitely made me laugh out loud with this comment: "Wear a sweater people! That should keep your boobs warm"!

I love your writing and am enjoying catching up on your blog! hugs,


I totally missed the heated bra thing the first time through your blog. I came back to read your link to the funniest post of the week (which was hilarious, btw).
I have the harvest candle and light it every morning while I do my blog and read mail. Love the scent. Now I'll think of you every morning. Ü

Debi D

That cell model is incredible!! Can't wait to show my daughter who is studying biology this year....
And your daughter is beautiful!

Wendy Reed (Wishin4MoreTime)

What a great idea! A lot of times I will visit someones blog and laugh at something they wrote, or something I find interesting. I think I am going to have to do that. Seems like I can never find the one that I am looking for again.

You are so AWESOME! Your blog will be one of my first entries. :o)

Steph (karlslove)

ooh, I love Harvest too. Have it burning right now in fact :)


you do write with humor! the bra thing almost made me fall off of my chair. so fun to read your blog.


Totally fun post! I still love the one about the 12 car giveaway...I told so many people about that.

ps - that is SOME cell!

Heather D. White

I always love your random thoughts and ramblings. So much fun to read. What a fun idea to pick a entry of the week. There are so many wonderful entries that I read....I can see how it would be easy to pick a favorite every week....can't wait to see more of your favorite picks!


That is one gorgeous cell!

Hey, did you hear about the guy who wants to make musical breast implants? Really.

Good luck to John!

sue (kolkamtay)

your blog is so much fun!! and i love your notebook... i have something similar that i used when i was creating webpages for fun. yeah, i'm a nerd =)


Great looking cell indeed!

As for the Jaguar-I dunno, they're overated. My one friend who had one has sold it. For what, I'm not sure. Prius is my new dream car!

megan Kulisich

Too Cool, I agree with you on TIVO. Love your blog!


I'm rolling about the heated bra! Hello! My boobs are the hottest part of my body ALL the time! Please pass a little air conditioner and THEN we are talking! Fun entry today, Kell! You made me smile!


sherry steveson

*thunk on my forehead* a BLOG BOOK!!!! holy canoli... that's BRILLIANT!!!! lOVE it... I have all my blogs that I book mark in my favorites under a subtitled Favorite Blogs and I go down the list but sometimes I forget who I read what on where.... (did that make sense?) and I would LOVE a blog book.
Love your updates too. Praying for John... I'm CERTAIN Alyssa will get that *A* (that is DYNOMITE!) and here's to your mojo returning.. gotta see some Kelly inspirations soon.


Love Alyssa's cell! We've done that project several times, and I'm sure none of them were that pretty. My kids always went for jellybeans and gummy worms so they could eat the left overs. And Alyssa is gorgeous as always!

Janet O

Tell Alyssa that her cell is awesome. I can't imagine why she wouldn't get an A.
So with you on the bra. Geez, don't people know that FAT keeps us warm? Get a clue, people!

corinne delis

could you send me a copy of that book bedause I don;t understand typepad at all, lol! like your list too!


Teresa Wilkins

Good week Kelly! Can't wait to see your scrapbook page. I wish I could journal first---heck, I wish I could do any journaling at all! LOL The could send one my way (hint, hint) LOL Have a wonderful weekend.

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