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Nancy Nally (ScrapNancy)

ROFL about the "gobsmacked"...during our 4 years in Wales when I was in grade school I picked up some things that still have stuck with me too! Every so often without realizing it I spit something out and my husband will smirk and say "what are you - Welsh?"


WHOOOHOOO on 100 entries. I think I've read them all! (just not when they actually were posted)

I went shopping last night and bought a CD for Alaina. ..then proceeded to set off every store alarm with it (not sure why it didn't go off at Barnes and Noble where I bought it!). UGH . . . but immediately thought of you and the sweatshirt and whether or not you'd taken it back! ROFL

And YIPPEE that you're getting to go home for Christmas. That's wonderful news.


Happy 100th! I love reading your blog and I am SO going to borrow your "blogkeeping" idea so I can fill in a few blanks/gaps in my stories soon. Congrats on the milestone and I look forward to seeing 200!


"BlogKeeping" Love that word. Congrats on the 100th entry and hope you know how much you inspire others (cough "me") to keep on writing. I always enjoy your perspective on things and it keeps me thinking about things that really count in this life.

Your dropping by my blog is always appreciated and your comments are treasures.


Happy anniversary, my friend! I'm so impressed at how you've been able to write so consistently. And BTW, thriving on feedback is nothing to apologize for!! Otherwise you would be just talking to yourself, and you wouldn't need a blog for that -- and we would all be the lesser for it....I love your blogkeeping -- bullet-style writing just makes so much sense to me, because that's how I often think....About the garage door -- too funny. Reminds me of the time I didn't back into the garage far enough, then hit the button to close the garage door. As my dh sweetly put it, the door had an unscheduled meeting with the hood of my car (yes, my cute yellow car!). Fortunately, no significant damage was done to either.


Congrats on your 100 entries, Kelly!! :) You are my favorite blogger -- seriously. Just 'cause you tell such great stories. I'm sending you an e-mail soon; just got home this morning. "Gob smacked", eh? :) I'm thinking that means "overwhelmed" or "startled" or "surprised", hmm...? It's not something I've ever heard someone say here, but it'd probably be easier to get away with in Canada than in the States since we do use some British lingo.



I love reading your blog and I enjoy so much the many thoughts, ideas and even motivations that you offer to people as we read. I always take something away from your experience as a mother and also just your general overall love for life. Thanks for sharing so much of you! Also, thanks as well for stopping in at my blog when you have the chance and for commenting! Appreciate that! Hugs, T


Congratulations on your 100th post. I've lurked on your blog for a while and enjoy hearing your stories of your family. Good luck to John's football team in it's quest for the championship!


100 entries that is awesome!! Glad Alyssa had a great time at the dance and I hope John's team does great at the playoffs! The garage door is cracking me the fact your husband fixed it without saying a word. Good luck reading your book haven't read it yet but have heard good things about it.

Have a great day!


Happy Halloween (day after)! I read Midwives, and it was a really neat book. Different from most things I've read in the past. You'll like it! I liked your blog-keeping. Must try that myself soon! Enjoy your day. And GO JAGS!

Janet O

WOW, 100 posts. Cool! I am still laughing about your garage door. Even more so, because on Sunday night Dave had the van hatchback open, and I didn't know it, and I shut the garage door. Fortunately it came right back up, but the van has a VERY small ding on it...of course, to ask Dave it's a HUGE FRICKIN DENT. Sheesh.

shawn b

Don't you just love how busy we all are. I can't even get some photos scanned or uploaded to even blog about, much less keep my blog updated enough it seems. Kudos to you for doing so. I ALSO read as often as I can! hugs!

sherry steveson

Great wrap up... I was waiting for THAT's a WRAP!! LOL.... I think I'll use it on MY blog today... time for a blogkeeping report from me! Come on over... check it out! *wink*



Happy Anniversary, Kell. Your blog is a regular part of my life, as you know! Well, so are YOU, as you know! Happy reading today!



Great update and congrats on 100 posts! Btw, Midwives is a pretty interesting book, I still find myself thinking about the story years later.


Love your 'blogkeeping' kelly!

Barb H.

Wow, lots of great news! I loved all of the "Britspeak" when I was living in England. I still use some of it (no, not Gob Smacked!) and I still put a U in my colours sometimes. Loved everything about this entry today...good luck to John in the playoffs!


Happy 100th Kelly! It's a great milestone, isn't it? If only I could keep up with working out like I keep up with blogging. I'm dying to know what "gob smacked" means. We have a british chemist, so I'll have to ask him today. Keep at it with Midwives. Chris is a local author...I get to read him weekly in our newspaper. And, finally, just to make you feel like a priest again...I'll confess that I'm a blog whore, too!! ;)


Yay! I get to be first to congratulate you on 100 entries... I'll have to go back and count when I joined you...

Here's to thousands more... you could never quit now, I'm totally hooked and would go into withdrawls without you!!!

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