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Ya know my latest purchase of such items revealed new packaging with a pointy looking flower. The box said it was because it symbolized empowerment and strength... Um... OK. That was one of my favorite blog entries you did. =)

Enjoy survivor...


Kelly - your post about the commercials is hilarious. I had no idea all those websites were out there... isn't that just icky and weird...?

Can I ask why you want to watch everything numerous times? I love my DVR, but I still only watch everything once...

Becky (mommaduck)

LOL, Kelly. So true, so true. Hope your headache gets better!


OMG, I just read your previous post on the "women site" and was laughing out loud! OMG, it's great. You are just too funny for words! :)


Kelly, what are you doing watching commercials??? ROFL . . isn't that what TiVo is for? I haven't seen a commercial in a good long time. Makes me happy to skip all THOSE commercials. Who's happy and jumping around at that time?!?!?!

ARGH on the headache. . . sorry it's just not going away.

Steph (Karlslove)

rofl. every time I see that commercial I crack up and think of you. And it goes further, yesterday I was in Walmart and the woman behind me was buying some, in their pretty new package with the flowers on it and I just started cracking up. Karl thought I was losing my mind :)

Jennifer Stewart

Hey friend :) So sorry you have a headache. :( And yes, TIVO is a wonderful wonderful thing. I love mine! I won't tell you the things I record, though. I would be labeled a DORK FOREVER!!

Jen :)

Heather D. White

HALLE-FREAKIN-LUJAH!!!! I can actually get to your blog today. I was having serious stress not being able to read your blog yesterday. Typepad was seriously giving me a headache. I can completely relate to needing a little break from blogging.....but don't stay away too long...we'd miss ya too much!!!!

pr31wb /steph

Oh my gosh, that post (link) was flippin' hilarious. Whew. (wipes tears of laughter away) Hope your headache goes away soon.

Barb H.

Every time I see that commercial I think of you, Kelly! See what you started. Now have a happy day!


Hope you get to feeling better, Sweetie. I'm a Survivor watcher too.

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