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Debi D

I too love words, and I love your words about words. Thank You for inspiring me...


another goosebump-y entry, kelly.. you have such a way with words!

Heather D. White

*sigh* My goodness....I love your blog. YOUR words are so enchanting to me...I could read them over and over again. I too am a lover of words...I love to write and have a great passion for reading (if only I now had the TIME to read as much as I would like to). Love your entry today Kelly!!!

Amy Sorensen

I SOOOOO get what you are saying here. What a fabulous entry! THere is something so powerful about leaving your world and entering someone else's. Words are truly a gift.


Absolutely beautiful Kelly - you evoked my own memories of Drip and Drop the Raindrops, the characters in the first real book I was allowed as a child to check out from Lamen Library. I instantly remembered the smell of the new books that enveloped me every time I would walk through those doors.

I, too, love words and you work magic with them! I always look forward to reading your entries.


My what a wonderful writer you are and you spin a story so well. Taking us back in our own memories, I had a pen pal too. And yes, what happened to Linda?

Bookstores are a haven to me too.


Very cool entry! Your story is really great, and I now wonder what became of Linda? I too love it when I get a hand-written letter. It's very special and a total treat!


I immediately thought of my Trixie Belden books too!!! I LOVED that series and bought new ones all the time with my babysitting money...

But Kelly - I too want to know what happened with Linda Steele? Did you ever meet her? Do you ever still write? Tell us more!!!

sherry steveson

LOVE your stories, I was an avid reader myself. Getting lost in a different story everyday was my passion. I love that I know this about you and that it makes me feel connected to you even further.
So what became of Linda Steele?

Barb H.

Fabulous! Unfortunately, I didn't discover my love of reading until after I had graduated from high school, but it's never too late, right? So, did you ever meet Linda Steele?


My sister and I were just talking about our favorite childhood books today. I am so sad that I half-price book'ed all of mine a couple of years before I went to college. {sigh} I've just recently received a complete set of the "old" Little House books to share with my older dd, and I'm now on the hunt for a particular set of Trixie Beldens that look like the ones I read in elementary school, so I can share my love of Trixie with Allie too. I have so many connections, so many memories with reading.

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