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Ok, now that I know that you love my hometown (San Antonio) I hope you'll let me know the next time you're in town so WE can meet too. Promise me, ok??!!!!


Glad you are feeling better! Let me know when you are better I'll give you a ringadingding so we can play catch up. Also want to make sure I have your correct mailing address as well girlie. Hugs to both you and Alyssa.


Dear, dear Kelly -- What a shock it was to see myself on your blog! I will never forget that moment when we were having dinner and I suddenly realized you must have taught that class back in Virginia, and I quoted you back to yourself chapter and verse. I never would have guessed then what a terrific relationship we would have. I've told you before and I'll say again, I owe so much to you -- the fabulous CKU-T experience, the manufacturer work, and really the friendship of everyone on Team 8-2-Create. Here's to the small world of scrapbooking. :) Love ya!


Kelly, first, I'm glad that you're still alive! This sounded like a serious case of sick! And I wanted to say how great great it IS that we live in such a small world! I love that the internet has brought me together with so many friends! But, even without the internet, it's amazing how often we make connections. One of the blessings of living in the day of modern technology!



So glad to hear you are doing better. Hope it has not got in the way of your reading the book "A Breath of Snow and Ashes". That would be twice as painful.(I am so wanting to go to the Book Store today)

And yes I believe that blogging has made the world a smaller place. A nicer place when you meet great people that you would have otherwise never have met or "peeked" at.


I always wondered how strange it would be to meet a internet friend IRL. Would we be instant friends, or would it be odd?

Heather D. White

What a very cool story! I am definitely one that has developed a great love of blogging in a very short time. Experssing myself in my blog has not only helped ME, but I have also met many wonderful people as a result. At first, I wondered seriously how many people would even be interested in my life other than myself, but then I realized how much I could learn from others and their blogs. I only hope that some of the things that may seem "trivial" to me have somehow made a difference to others.

I hope you are feeling better soon. My gave us quite the scare the other day!!


Feel better soon. If you continue to feel sick, see your doctor! What you say is true, it's a SMALL SMALL world out there! Especially in the SB industry! :)


Kelly I do hope you are feeling much better.

What a great post. =) just what I needed to read this morning.


Kelly, Glad you're starting to feel better. I had to come and check up on you this morning. Hoping the headache is gone by this point.

How cool is that about Carla?!?!? She was obviously meant to be in your life.

I blog because I needed someway to journal, and handwriting it in a journal just wasn't cutting it. The only one in my family that even knows mineeven exists is my sister.. . and I just showed her my blog yesterday.

Steph (Karlslove)

lol. I went from small world (tv) to another :)

Glad to hear you're feeling better. The whole passing out thing is SO scary


Wonderful entry, Kelly.

Glad you are mending...thank goodness for laptops! :)

Jennifer Stewart


I KNEW who you were talking about in the first few sentences of your post today :) I thank God all of the time for our CKU Team and what a wonderful experience it was for me. I have made several lifelong friends, and that to me was worth attending the event alone. Carla is a true sweetheart and I'm SO glad you two have become so close. It still amazes me that she sat in on one of your classes 'back in the day.' :)

SO glad you are feeling better.

Teresa Wilkins

Glad you are feeling better. Sounds like you need to take another day to rest. Carla is a fantastic person. I am glad that the two of you have become such good friends. Seems like Team 8-2 Create was good for most of us. Take it easy....


I hope you feel better soon! With my husband in the military it amazes me how often in a completely new place I run into someone I recognize. And with blogging you are so right it give those that you don't see every day a chance to peak in and see what is going on in your world. Very cool!

sherry steveson

I'm glad you are back among the living. I've missed ya. Great insight into the small world we are. I say we are all just 6 degrees of separation!

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