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Further proof, I say, that God is NOT a woman! A woman would never allow this kind of thing to happen to other women.

But darn, you made me LOL with this post! Said she who had a period after THIRTEEN freakin' months without! Talk about a NOT happy period!


Okay, right now I am cracking up! You are so right. Though the one thing I wish is that they would not change the packaging every single month. I get so tired of having to find the ones I like because they have once again changed what the outside looks like. I don't understand this whole competitive thing anyway...I mean how many women are there in the US and we all use one of the Five major brands...I think there is enough to go around. Just let it be people!!!!

LOL!!! (EliNoah)


Oh Kelly! This is too much. I never knew that there was a whole "community" out there ready to celebrate my happy time... You are so right on with this. So funny, and sick all at the same time. I hate those commercials!

Nancy Nally (ScrapNancy)

ROFL!! You are so right-on!! Obviously those ads were designed and approved by men...probably single, virgin men.


Have you seen the lady that does menstrual paintings? Now that's disturbing.

Sharyn (Torm)

hahhahahhahahahaahhhaaha....oh man...I love this entry....and the evil coming up my own unhappy period side of me is wishing I had your address so I could pop it on a free maxi pad offer. ROFLMBO!!! didn't know I had it in me, did ya? LOL

Barb H.

Happy Period, my ass (literally!) While the idea is absurd, your post rocked!


I hate those commercials, too! Happy period, my butt!


Can I just say how much I COMPLETELY agree with you!! (I giggled because the way you wrote the story was funny...and because I can relate.)

Amen, girl!! Amen!!


Oh Kelly, you are so right!! Your post did make me giggle though. But you ARE so right!! LOL!!


ROFLMBO!!! That's just.........ewwwwwwwwww!!!



LOL! Your blog entry today made me laugh out loud. You are so right. I can't believe how they try to make periods FUN. It MUST be men doing this! That's gotta be it.


sherry steveson

OH MY GOSH< you are sooooo right.... wrong wrong wrong.
My other pet peeve is those erectile disfuntion commercials right in the middle of eating, ARGGGHHH! Nothing like telling the kiddies to cover their eyes and EARS while the tv is playing!

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