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Oh, to be one day be a "great blogger"... ;) Love your thoughts on this artform -- I think I shall add you to my own list. :) Thanks for popping by my blog the other day and actually commenting; it warmed my heart.



Yep, all those things. I especially love it as a quick and easy way to share things with my family.

Sharyn (Torm)

I'm hanging my head low because I'm sure I so miserably failed in the art department on my blog. I just can't get myself to pay the higher bucks for the header. And in the end, I'm a simple person. what a visual letdown, haha!

BUT, I made your list!! woohooo!!!!

I love all the great points you made on blogging!! ARt and all!!


Becky T.

Kelly, I am so honored to be on your list. I was so excited the day I stumbled onto yours the first inspire me. I have really been enjoying the blogging world, even more than I thought I ever would. It's such a cool thing!

sherry steveson

WOW< the trend thing is SO totally me... I'm a run in the opposite direction of the trends kinda gal.
OH and funny thing, 3/4 of your blog list over there are ones I read too!


SO honored to be on your list Kelly! =) I totally agree with all your points. Love the blogs!!!

Have a lot of company coming over today... maybe later I'll get to do a new entry. We'll see. =) Right now I am doing my am routine- balance baby drinking bottle and read my fave blogs. =)

Barb H.

I agree with everything you said,

* right
* down
* to the
* bullet
* points

I'm honored to be a part of your sidebar, Kelly! Love reading your thoughts every day :-)


LOVE your lsit - and i'm honored to have my little ramblings on your list. =D i'll have to check out the others!


ROFL!!! I'm in the middle of blogging and I'm using bullet points, too!!! And, I'm honored to be on your list, Kelly! =)


Kelly, you sold me on blogging before your perfect list, hence, my own blog. Thanks for the inspiration AND the motivation to get started! You're the best!



So glad to see you back, Kelly! :) And I'm honored to be on your list. You know you're on mine!

Love you friend,


What a neat list....I've never thought of blogging in that way but you're SO RIGHT! Thanks for checking out mine by the way and I def. plan on visiting your's regularly!

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