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Becky Thompson can you not post a comment after seeing a picture like that??

In completely unrelated thoughts, I'm really enjoying reading your blog, Kelly. Great stuff.


Dang it girl,the heck with the blogs I WANT HIM. He's got to be my FAV hunky dude - yum yum. I'd like to throw my Floridian body all over that big hunk of meat. LOL Good gawd I may have to go lay down now. Whew....sweatin' here....drool drool....


Let me hijack your blog comment section to CURSE MOLLY for admitting what I knew deep down....

I blog where I couldn't journal because blogging feeds the attention whore within. (Grumble, grumble. I hate it when she's right....)

Your blog rocks, BTW....

Sherry Stevesons

HOLY crap... how did I MISS that cheesecake shot of my boyfriend on your blog!!! LOL

OH and I agree... blogging IS addicting!


Awesome, Kelly--you are so right on about blogs! Excited to read your cool posts on a regular basis...

One other observation about blogs: people (like Self) who have never been successful at keeping a diary/journal can keep up with a blog because we need an audience. We're whores for attention. But hey, it keeps us writing, right?

Lisa (Lemonade)

Well THAT picture has earned your blog a spot on my favorites list! :) Love your blog list... I didn't realize blogging takes as much time as emails but you are so right!


I am SO glad you decided to start blogging, Kelly! I have you on my blog list, too :) You are such a great writer!

Love ya,



Um... why do you have my boyfriend up on your blog??? =) I just added you to my "blogs I can't live without" list on my blog. I always LOVE coming here and seeing what you have to say!!!

Also... you and I just did the "OMG I have met you!" thing... small world indeed! =)

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